Leading household cleaning company

Driving incremental sales and shutting out the competition on Black Friday

Campaign Goals

A leading household cleaning company wanted to create awareness and drive sales for cleaning products. This was an opportunity to promote similar household cleaning products together to increase consumer engagement and drive sales of multiple items without coupons or discounts.

Shopkick Solution

Shopkick first promoted in-app lookbook content to inform users about products and unique bundle offers. Shopkick leveraged in-app branded video to create stronger awareness and provide a more personal screen experience between brand and consumer. Shopkick’s Own the Trip initiative allowed for the brand to greet and reward shoppers for entering the store. Promo units, high impact in-app placements for a brand’s kick earning opportunities, brought the household cleaning products to the top of users’ minds when beginning their shopping journey. Additional in-app promotional content drove users to shelf and cut out competition from the wide variety of household cleaning products available in stores. Users were motivated to engage with multiple products through scan missions, as shoppers receive kick bonuses for scanning bundled items with their smartphones. Once users engaged with products at shelf, Shopkick encouraged consumers to purchase bundled products together for even higher kick rewards, driving sales of multiple products without eroding profit margins.


Shopkick successfully increased product awareness and motivated users to take advantage of special offers in store. 42% of scanners had never heard of the cleaning products before and 58% of purchasers indicated that they were most motivated to purchase from informational content they saw on Shopkick before going to the store. Shopkick drove users to shelf and increased purchases through fun and rewarding scan missions and kick bonuses. 32% of purchasers were motivated to purchase by in-store promotions and the in-store scan experience. Mobile promotions brought the products to the top of users’ minds and drove foot traffic to store. The campaign resulted in a 118% average increase in scan activity and a 92% average increase in reported purchase conversion on the days of promo units, and a 232% increase in foot traffic on the day of Own the Trip.


Incremental sales


Lift in sales on Own the Trip Black Friday





Drive awareness

Shut out the competition during Black Friday and the Holidays

Drive users to engage with product at shelf

Attract new buyers

Drive incremental sales

Retailer Distribution


Products Used

Promo Unit Scan Purchase validation Own the Trip

Dollar store coupon apps: Is it possible to save even more?

There are things you expect as a parent and things you have absolutely no idea about. This sounds kind of obvious, but it’s true. For example, my husband and I definitely expected to spend some sleepless nights rocking babies back to sleep when our boys were born, and, let me tell you, did we ever. However, there were other changes to our lifestyle of which we didn’t have the foggiest notion. For example, the stores that we find ourselves shopping at these days have literally changed a good deal.

We used to get all our groceries and household goods from our local grocery store. This, however, isn’t entirely necessary with three growing boys at home. There are things that we can get from dollar stores now that satisfy them just fine, like brown paper bags for their school lunches, snacks for when they’re home during the summer, and tons of other items. The fact is, we can save quite a bit of money these days. Though, if you’re like me, no matter where you shop, you wonder if it’s possible to save even more. Well, I’m here to tell you it is and that’s where dollar store coupon apps come in.

what are dollar store coupon appsThat’s what we’re going to talk about today, dollar store coupon apps, why you should make sure that you have one, and my favorite shopping app that you’ll love if you like extra savings. Dollar stores are a great way to save money when you have a growing family like we do, but why stop there? There are apps out there that can save you even more!

What are Dollar Store Coupon Apps?

Remember when you were a kid, and your parents used to literally take a pair of scissors and clip coupons out of newspaper ads? Well, I certainly do, and so the easiest way for me to explain what dollar store coupon apps are is to draw a comparison to that, except obviously this time around there aren’t messy things involved like stacks of newspapers, scissors, and paper cuts (ouch!).

Two of the major dollar store companies—Dollar General and Family Dollar—have coupon apps that allow you to use digital coupons in-store. These dollar store coupon apps are loaded with digital coupons, weekly ads, and all types of money-saving information. Who knew there was a way to get even greater dollar store deals?

Why You Need a Dollar Store Coupon App

If you’re asking yourself why you need a dollar store coupon app, the answer is pretty simple: to earn more savings, duh! Let’s face it, those of us who run out to the dollar store for things like cleaning spray, garbage bags, and little snacks aren’t doing it for the glamor. Obviously, we’re doing it to save. So, why not compound your savings even further?

Simply put, with a dollar store coupon app you can rack up even more savings each time you set foot in the dollar store.

If You Love Dollar Store Coupon Apps, You’ll Love This App

So, now that you’re familiar with dollar store coupon apps and why it makes all kinds of sense for you to have one, let’s take a look at another app that can help you save in a similar way at some of your favorite stores.

When it comes to taking my overall shopping game to the next level, I like to use a shopping rewards app called Shopkick. How it works is pretty simple. You just go do the things you do whenever you go out shopping, things like walking into stores, going down aisles browsing products, and making purchases. Then, Shopkick gives you points, which it calls kicks.

And if you don’t feel like going anywhere, there are also tons of ways to earn kicks right from the app. These include kicks for watching videos and instant surprise kicks from going on Easter egg hunts in the app. Users can also get amazing deals where you can earn big points and rewards by shopping on your phone.

What’s really great about Shopkick is that it gives you points for the shopping you do at such a wide variety of stores. Once you’ve saved up enough of these points, you can trade them in for gift cards. For example, let’s say you go out shopping for groceries, you can earn points that eventually turn into the equivalent of cash.

It’s a pretty simple concept, every time you shop, the app gives you points.

I love my kids and I also love that I’ve had to get creative in finding new ways to shop for them while also racking up the savings. One of my favorites of those ways, as I noted above is Shopkick. I just can’t say enough good things about it and I really hope that you also give it a try.

It’s a pretty simple concept, every time you shop, the app gives you points. Earn enough points and you can trade them in for gift cards and receive cash back—cash that can be used at the dollar store, of course! You don’t even have to thank me when you’re done!

Ready to take your savings game to the next level by? Start using Shopkick today to earn gift cards for free. Just download Shopkick and join a community of loyal Shopkickers who’ve already discovered the rewards of shopping with us!

And, if you love using your smartphone to stay up on social media, join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for daily shopping inspiration.

Image courtesy JohnKwan