How to Earn Money for Future Shopping Trips

Whether you’re working to keep your budget in check for all of your daily to-dos, dreaming of taking an upcoming trip, or stashing away extra cash to create more margin for fun in 2019, we’re here to help. Did you know you can earn money for future shopping trips whether you’re in stores or relaxing at home? It’s groundbreaking, if we do say so ourselves, and so easy you will wonder why you haven’t hopped on the earning train before now!

There are many apps and programs that allow you to earn money. Some apps reward you for meeting your daily, weekly, and monthly fitness goals, others ask you to complete surveys in order to earn cash or points, and additional apps encourage you to clip coupons to save for your next shopping trip. But, we have three even better ways for you to earn money for your future shopping trips, and you’re likely already doing them! Take a look at our three tips below.

Explore Online Content:

Do you start or end your day by reading blogs, finding inspiration, or catching up on the news? We do too! We always experience a thrill when we read the latest post from a favorite blogger or discover a new-to-us recipe to put into our weeknight lunch or dinner rotation. Exploring content online is a complete experience, and it’s one we most often participate in during times when we’re relaxing (think: over coffee in the morning or in between commercials in the evening). Did you know you can earn money for future shopping trips by exploring content?

We tend to browse on our phones because it’s quick and easy, and one of the new concepts we’re seeing and enjoying are virtual inspiration books! They’re are exactly what they sound like – short and content-filled books complete with slides from brands we know and brands we’re happy to discover. We’ve found these books contain inspiration for hair, makeup, fashion, home décor, and even recipes. If you’re thinking inspiration books are just like the slideshows you see online you’re correct, but these have a twist. They allow you to earn money for future shopping trips because you’re viewing them through our app!

Watch Videos:

One of our other go-to ways to explore new content is by watching videos. They’re always a great way to catch up on the news, see what’s gone viral, and discover new content. And, we’re so excited they represent a way to save and earn even more for future shopping trips!

Rather than watching videos on YouTube, open your Shopkick app instead. Once the app is open, start exploring the Discover page of the app. There you will find a host of videos to watch from known brands. Expect to find inspiration for recipes, drinks you have to try, just introduced workout gear, sneak peeks of upcoming magazines, and much more. Every video is short, sweet, and to the point, plus you will be earning kicks that add up quickly for you to trade in for gift cards to the stores where you already enjoy shopping.

Why find yourself down a YouTube video rabbit hole when you can be earning kicks through Shopkick?  

Discover New Products In Stores:

Online shopping is quick and easy, but we don’t think it will ever replace the experience of shopping in stores. To us, wandering down the aisles is fun and relaxing, and it’s an activity that always results in a host of new inspiration. You can take even a simple “window shopping” night out to new heights by earning money for future shopping trips!

The products supported by the Shopkick app are available in a number of stores where you probably already go on a weekly (or daily!) basis. Plan a night to wander through the aisles of Target (a favorite pastime for many!), and scroll through the app to see which product barcodes you can scan to earn kicks, or reward points, while your browse. Not only can you scan products, but you can also purchase them, take a picture of your receipt, and submit it in the Shopkick app to earn even more kicks. A stroll through the grocery, beauty, or home aisles can result in hundreds of kicks you can redeem for gift cards to your favorite stores, like Target, Amazon, Starbucks, Disney, AMC Theaters, and many more.

Whether we’re reading articles or watching videos, we’re all constantly consuming online content. Not to mention, we all run errands to browse and shop on a weekly basis. Rather than simply viewing content or walking through the grocery store, why not turn to Shopkick to earn kicks and gift cards for future shopping trips? Think about saving gift cards for future vacations, gifting them to friends and family for their birthdays, or treating yourself for something you will enjoy! It’s as though your purchases are on us.  

Don’t forget to download Shopkick for free, and join a community of loyal Shopkickers who have already discovered the rewards of shopping with us.

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