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Georgia-Pacific partnered with Shopkick to drive awareness and sales during its new product launch

Campaign Goals

When Georgia-Pacific launched its Dixie Ultra® Deep Dish Plates, the brand partnered with Shopkick to build awareness and drive trial and consideration for the new, innovative product.

Georgia-Pacific was looking to educate consumers on Dixie Ultra® Deep Dish Plates at home, guide them to the product in-store, and finally, reward them for trying out something new.

The brand was looking to drive product engagement and influence sales by interacting with users at every step along the shopping journey – at home, in-store, and through purchase.

Shopkick Solution

Shopkick first built pre-shop consideration with in-app content to educate consumers, keep the product top of mind, and encourage store visits.

In store, Shopkick incentivized users to seek out the product, allowing them to see and feel the difference in Dixie Ultra® Deep Dish Plates, compared to their usual paper plate.

Using Shopkick’s innovative 2D image recognition and post-scan video features, the brand highlighted differentiating product details and delivered a branded video while the product was in shoppers hands.

By rewarding consumers and engaging them throughout the shopping journey, Shopkick increased trial and consideration and ultimately drove shoppers to purchase.


The campaign received over 16M impressions and was highly successful in educating consumers before their trip to the store, boasting a 99% branded video completion rate.

  • More than 1.7 million in-store impressions were delivered at Walmart stores nationwide.
  • Shopkick drove incremental purchases: nearly 50% of purchasers were not initially planning to buy Dixie® products before their visit to the store.


Campaign impressions


Viewable video completion rate


of purchases were incremental



Build brand awareness
Drive trial and consideration
Boost sales


National Walmart retailers


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