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3 in-app advertising trends that are shaping digital retail marketing

Consumers spend an estimated three hours per day on their mobile devices, which makes following in-app advertising trends crucial to marketers who want to reach them. Throughout 2019, interest in innovative options like artificial intelligence and big data has increased. This trend is likely to continue as mobile devices become more sophisticated and consumers demand higher-end experiences.

Marketers will also look to higher-tech options to enhance their advertising strategies. Brands and retailers will be better able to proactively reach consumers, predict buying behavior and personalize experiences. Here are three in-app advertising trends that will likely gain heavy attention in the near future. 

In-App Advertising Trend #1: Artificial Intelligence Integration

Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to be a major part of company growth strategies over the next few years, with 72% of business leaders referring to it as a “business advantage.” The primary uses of AI, relative to advertising, include: 

  • Data analysis: AI can decipher large amounts of consumer data and help pinpoint trends, like higher demand in certain areas, or during certain times, which is useful for optimizing marketing messages. 
  • Personalization: On an individual level, AI will give brands a more thorough picture of their individual consumers, which will help them tailor marketing messages. 
  • Proactive marketing: AI can predict consumer behavior based on prior data and provide proactive messages that reach them right as they realize their need for a product.  
  • Customer service: Through data and AI, brands will be able to provide human-centric customer service via highly intelligent chatbots capable of answering even the most complex consumer queries. 

Both the ability to collect data and technology’s ability to understand it are improving every day. Brands can leverage this to personalize customer outreach on a mass scale and better target their messages to maximize marketing ROI. In the future, the use of AI will not be a novelty, but a necessity. 

In-App Advertising Trend #2: Increased Value Exchange Advertising

Obtaining consumer opt-in to receive marketing messages is crucial. Value-exchange provides an in-app incentive for consumer time and attention. This strategy was initially seen in gaming, where consumers would watch video ads to receive in-game loot. However, other industries are finding ways to take advantage of this. By incentivizing consumers with rewards points, bonus content, or VIP access, brands can improve customer engagement with their advertising content.  

leveraging in-app advertising trendsThis is a strategy Shopkick leverages through its mobile shopping app. Users of the app can earn a set amount of “kicks,” or rewards points, for watching branded video content in various categories. This is a great way to familiarize consumers with products before they go to the store, and keep a brand or product top of mind. Once at the store, Shopkick users gain additional rewards for seeking out products in-aisle, picking them up, and scanning their barcode. Finally, users can receive the largest number of kicks for purchasing select products and scanning their receipts. The tiered incentive program encourages consumers to continuously try to reach the next level of rewards, and guides them throughout each step of the purchase journey. It is this gamification strategy that encourages brands to contact Shopkick to boost their in-app advertising. 

In-App Advertising Trend #3: Improved Mobile Video Through 5G

The implementation of 5G networks and technology will help marketers enjoy the benefits of higher resolution, rapid load times, and greater consumer access. Mobile video marketing has the potential to see the most growth from this as the sophisticated network should help brands improve interaction. Some of these interactive opportunities include: 

  • Easter Eggs: Brands can establish spots within mobile video advertisements allowing users to click and access additional content, product details, information and more. 
  • 360 views: Users can move the video around to see outside the existing frame, in all directions. 
  • Multiple outcomes: Individuals can choose various options within the video that change the outcome of the content. 
  • Polls/Quizzes: Fields can be added to allow users to participate in polls and quizzes, or provide information to personalize their video experience. 

Video will be far more dynamic with the implementation of 5G, as consumers will have a network that’s capable of supporting much more complex interactive content. These sophisticated advertising methods will help brands to deliver impactful messages which will encourage product recognition and affinity. 

In-app advertising trends are moving marketers in a direction where they will be able to deliver more personalized, engaging content on a larger scale.

In-app advertising trends are moving marketers in a direction where they will be able to deliver more personalized, engaging content on a larger scale. Big data, 5G networks, and expanded incentivization will all drive consumer engagement. There will be a significant amount of opportunity for innovation in the future of marketing and brands that leverage this will be best poised for success. 

Shopkick stays on top of in-app advertising trends and helps our partners use them to their fullest advantage. To see how, check out our success stories.

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