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Leading quick-service restaurant chain

Driving visits and sales to QSR without coupons or discounts

Campaign Goals

To further take advantage of their usual spike during the holiday season, a leading quick-service restaurant (QSR) chain partnered with Shopkick to increase foot traffic to and sales in 600 enclosed mall locations nationwide between Thanksgiving and New Year.

Drawn by the fact that Shopkick users spend 215% more at QSRs than the average shopper* (Visa Decision Sciences), this QSR chain saw the Shopkick platform as a means of driving measurable impact without sacrificing their bottom line as traditional promotions like coupons or discounts do.

Shopkick Solution

Shopkick engaged users with a combination of relevant content and usable rewards at various touchpoints throughout their in-app experience to drive to store.

First, users were exposed to informative, visually appealing content around the product offering – enticing users to stop by the nearest location on their next mall trip.

Next, Shopkick deployed proximity-based messaging via pre-installed beacon hardware to pull users to the storefront for the opportunity to earn Kicks just for Walking-in and Purchasing.

Lastly, to close the loop, Shopkick awarded users for their in-store actions – between 20-50 Kicks for Walking-in and 10-20 Kicks for every $1 Spent.



Shopkick drove significant visits and sales to this leading QSR’s mall locations. These small, but real-time Kick incentives resulted in a 70% increase in AOV and 1.8:1 ROI in 4-week flight. Due to this success, the initial pilot is now expanding to include additional locations.




Increase in AOV


Beacon PNS open rate



Drive visits
Drive sales
Preserve margin
Intercept shoppers


Mall locations


Lookbook Promo Unit Beacons Walk-in Receipts