Holy wholesale: Boxed brings smart shopping to Shopkick

Holy wholesale! Boxed, the awesome online wholesaler, has launched with Shopkick. Stock up on just about everything you need and get free gift cards in return. When you visit Boxed or make purchases from them through the Shopkick app, you’ll be able to earn Shopkick points (called “kicks”). Redeem those kicks for free gift cards to stores like Best Buy, Sephora, and much more.


Bulk shopping means big savings

Wholesale sizes mean you get more for your money and shop less. Boxed delivers bigger savings without membership fees everywhere in the lower 48 states. What’s not to love about a 2 day shipping time? You even get free samples with your delivery!   Boxed has the A+ lineup you need to stock up for back to school shopping in minutes. Buy in bulk, get free gift cards: Shop with Boxed.com through the Shopkick app. Don’t have Shopkick? Download it today and join the millions of Shopkickers who have redeemed over $63.8 million in free gift cards.