How to Upgrade Your Closet for Fall on a Budget

The fall season has arrived, and that means it’s time for a closet upgrade! I love stocking up on cozy fall boots, durable jackets, distressed denim, and new accessories. One of my favorite ways to begin my fall-haul is by clearing out my summer clothes and selling them. Then, I can stock up on a mixture of timeless and trendy pieces!

Poshmark – Buy & Sell

Poshmark is an incredible online community and app that allows its users to sell and purchase used and new clothes from other users. They like to call it “shopping from the closets you covet”. One thing I always do when fall rolls around is list all my trendy summer pieces that I am ready to part ways with. I love using the money I earn to purchase designer fall boots or roomy tote bags. You can shop by designers and brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, and more!

Lucky – Iconic & Timeless

After selling my clothes, I start my mission to build my closet’s basic pieces. Lucky has the absolute best timeless denim and jackets that last for years to come – totally worth the price! Lucky also offers bohemian chic jewelry, tops, and belts I can’t help but snag. They are simply the best!

Charlotte Russe – Fun & Trendy

After I stock up on timeless basics, I love to mix in fun and trendy pieces I know will stand out during the season. Charlotte Russe is perfect for finding all things on-the-verge because they update their inventory constantly with new pieces. Whether you’re looking for the perfect newsboy hat, patent belt bag, or lace bodysuit, Charlotte Russe has all of the season’s hottest trends!

One thing that won’t be cold this fall season is my wardrobe! You can be ready for the upcoming fashion season too by parting ways with old clothes, stocking up on classic pieces for your closet’s foundation, and then adding trending and daring items to accessorize. This season, you can shop Poshmark, Lucky Brand, and Charlotte Russe while earning kicks for every dollar you spend. That translates into a gift card which means – you guessed it – more shopping!

Happy Shopkicking!