Top 5 Apps to Use While Shopping in Stores

I have a question that’s often met with a great debate: Do you like shopping in stores in person, or do you prefer shopping online? I am not a stranger to the joys and pure convenience of shopping online. After all, nearly everything we need is at our fingertips without a closing time. However, I find it’s enjoyable, and often eye opening, to shop in stores. 

My allegiance to shopping in stores may be due to the fact that I truly love any excuse for an outing – I typically catch up on podcasts or audiobooks while I drive, and I often join with friends to shop together. Plus, I almost always discover something in stores that I would have scrolled past online, especially if I’m searching for a new piece to add to my current season’s wardrobe.

In the past, the point that may have encouraged me to shop online rather than in stores was the ability to save money by using apps. But, I have discovered great options that completely justify my in-store allegiance and create the same type of seamless experience. Whether you’re running to Target, shopping for clothes, or purchasing your weekly groceries, I like to think of these apps as the top five best apps to use while shopping in stores. Here’s the rundown:

1. Target:

Because it’s so easy to add one more thing to my cart when I’m shopping at Target, I have turned to Target’s app for years. Their app used to be called Cartwheel, but they merged the Cartwheel feature together with the ability to search and shop. The combination has proven helpful, so now I can look through Target’s weekly ad to see the latest deals, click through the Cartwheel ads to see which of my frequently purchased products or categories are on sale, and even see if my local store has something in stock without ever leaving the app. Paired with the ability to save 5% each time I make a purchase with my Target card, the app has been such a helpful way to save money in stores!   

2. Shopkick:

I discovered Shopkick last year, and I have used the app ever since! Shopkick allows you to earn “kicks” or points when you’re shopping in stores or online. I use the in-store shopping feature the most because I am able to earn kicks for simply walking inside. The walk-in kicks are typically awarded at the store’s entrance, so I like to make sure I have my app open when I arrive. While I walk down the aisle in stores like Target, Walmart, or even CVS, I scan products currently featured in the app to earn even more kicks. You can also submit your receipt when you have purchased products that you have scanned to earn even more!

My favorite feature about the app is I am able to cash in my kicks for gift cards or even cash back through PayPal whenever I’m ready. You only have to earn 500 kicks, which I can do in a single errand run, particularly if I am visiting Target and Ulta, to cash in for a $2 gift card. You can also cash in for gift cards of higher value! Last year, I saved my kicks and cashed in for a $25 gift card to take with me on my trip to Disney World. 

3. Ebates:

Thanks to a recommendation from a blog I read daily, I rarely shop without Ebates when I am shopping online. As long as you have their plugin turned on, Ebates notifies you whenever you’re visiting one of their partners’ websites where you can earn cash back. Last year, I realized they also offer the same feature in stores!

When you open the app, you can explore their “In-Store” section located at the bottom of your screen. There, you will uncover the many brands who team up with Ebates. Simply link your credit card in the app, and you will earn cash back on every purchase you make in the stores supported by Ebates! It’s a great way to save with very minimal effort. But, please note: your cash back arrives in the form of a “Big Check” once per quarter, so your cash back is not immediate.

4. Fetch:

The grocery store where I shop weekly is a family owned business, so it’s not supported by many of the most popular apps. They simply don’t know the company exists! That’s why I’m such a fan of the app Fetch.

Fetch is best used when shopping at the grocery store – any grocery store. What’s great is the app is filled with products from 250+ brands, like Breyers, Campbell’s, and Kraft. Whenever you purchase a product from one of Fetch’s supported brands, you can submit your receipt. The technology developed within the app compares the items you purchased with those currently highlighted on Fetch to uncover where you can earn points. The main downside I have experienced is you can only earn points when purchasing a brand’s specific product.

5. RetailMeNot:

RetailMeNot takes the questioning out of couponing and wondering whether you have all of the latest deals at your fingertips. I use RetailMeNot most when I am shopping in stores like The Gap, Pier1, and Staples.  Although the app does have cash back features, I use it most often for its coupons.

I cannot be the only one who tosses nearly every deal that arrives by mail only to realize later during the promotional period that I do actually need something from that store. It’s the worst! With RetailMeNot, I can find the coupons I previously threw away and present them on my phone at the cash register when I check out. Though I may have initially felt frustrated when I have tossed a coupon that arrived from a retailer, RetailMeNot saves the day because they have the same deals from the retailers saved in the app with none of the paperwork to cart around in my bag. Win-win!

Have I convinced you to shop in stores? What apps do you like to use to save money? Pro tip: you can pair multiple apps together to save when more while you’re shopping!

Blue Weekend is HERE!

The best weekend of the spring is HERE, and we are not talking about March Madness! It’s Blue Weekend! Every few months, we gather together with our go-to brands to bring you some of the biggest kicks you can earn in stores and online. Whether you opt to walk into stores while running your weekly errands, purchase an item to treat yourself, or shop from the comfort of your couch, you will not want to miss the deals popping up this weekend in the app!

Here’s where I’ll be shopping:


Rumor has it there will be BIG kicks dropping tomorrow for simply walking into Target! I shop at Target every weekend, and I cannot pass up the opportunity to earn kicks by returning to a store I know I’ll visit anyway. This is going to make my Target run so much sweeter, especially because I know I’ll be able to earn a gift card between the walk-in kicks I’ll earn and the additional kicks I’ll earn through scanning!

T.J. Maxx:

Spring has finally sprung at least partially in the Northeast! Every time I welcome a new season, I always have to pick up a few new things for my wardrobe. I’ll be perusing (and purchasing!) new styles this weekend at T.J. Maxx, and I know a few new outfits to wear while I’m working out are definitely on my list. P.S: I’ve heard you will be able to earn amazing kicks by walking in, followed by even more kicks when you purchase with your linked card!

Harry & David:

Have you ever tried Moose Munch? My friends and I were obsessed when we were in high school, and I’ve never stopped enjoying it as a sweet treat. Harry & David just launched as a new Shopkick partner just in time for Blue Weekend! Plan to join me in earning kicks for scanning and purchasing. And, don’t miss this Facebook post! You’ll want to be in the know to win Moose Munch and 200 kicks from Shopkick!


This weekend, you can earn double the kicks for all Amazon Fashion purchases, which includes amazing brands like Lark & Ro, as well as jewelry, shoes, and handbags, when you shop with your Shopkick app. Go ahead, treat yourself!


I also know I’ll be visiting Groupon’s site this weekend! I have friends and family visiting over the next few weeks, and we’re making plans to go into the city. I always like to peruse Groupon’s deals and suggestions for activities and restaurants because the site not only allows me to earn extra kicks but I can also save so much money on places we likely would have visited anyway!

Don’t miss out on any of the Blue Weekend fun. Make sure to visit this post and this post on Facebook to enter to win kicks from Shopkick!

How to Celebrate Halloween in Three Easy Steps

What is your favorite Halloween memory? Whether it was a character, animal, dream career, or favorite food, I loved choosing my costume every year. I loved dressing up, marching in school parades, and going trick-or-treating every year. Because I have such fun memories, Halloween is still one of my favorite holidays. I always add a new décor piece or two to my collection, I never miss the chance to go on a haunted hayride, and I love throwing Halloween parties for friends.

The idea of prepping for a holiday is especially enjoyable, so I thought I would share how you can prep and save for Halloween with Shopkick in three simple steps.

Add Décor:

Carving, or at least purchasing, pumpkins in honor of Halloween is always a given! Rather than creating a freehand design, I keep a kit on hand filled with templates to make carving fun and easy. I originally purchased my kit from Walmart, and I know they still stock them. Even if this is the only festive piece of décor you have, you and your home will certainly be in the Halloween spirit.

If you want to take your décor up a notch, consider purchasing dish towels and a new candy bowl for your neighborhood’s trick-or-treaters from Then swing by your local T.J.Maxx and Marshall’s to pick up a few new decorative items, like pieces for your mantle, doorstep, kitchen, or even your kids’ rooms. Another great tip is to purchase a new fall scented candle from Yankee Candle. Not only will the scents feel festive for Halloween, but you can continue to light your candle throughout the season.

Make sure your Shopkick app is open while you shop for your décor with all of the retailers I mentioned because you will earn kicks with every purchase!

Purchase a Costume:

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for your kids, costume shopping is always one of the most fun aspects of Halloween! Now, shopping has become much easier because so many retailers offer costumes online, plus you can earn kicks on your costume purchases when you shop with Shopkick. has quite a selection every year, and you can easily purchase a few costumes in different sizes so you, your partner, and your kids can try every piece on at home. If your kids love playing dress up, think about ordering their costume one size larger, so they can continue enjoying it for months to come!

If you’re looking for other options for yourself or simply hoping to find accessories,, Marshall’s, and T.J.Maxx always offer budget friendly finds to add to your outfit. also has great fashion finds, and Ulta is the perfect place for Halloween ready makeup and hair supplies.

Entertain with Ease:

When you’re throwing a party, the best thing to do is purchase everything in bulk. I love ordering from with Shopkick because I’m able to earn kicks while ordering everything from beverages and snacks to household essentials and candy (of course!). Rather than pulling out any of your dinnerware, use paper and plastic. Your guests are attending your party because they want to spend time with you and each other, and I guarantee they will agree with the ease of your party.

For an added dose of fun, book a visit to a haunted house or a ride on a haunted hayride on Groupon through Shopkick! Tickets are typically less expensive when you purchase them through Groupon, and you will earn kicks towards free gift cards. Regardless of the price, haunted houses and hayrides are always worth it. There’s just something about a fun spook that enriches relationships and makes everyone laugh!

Whether your Halloween plans are simple or elaborate, I know you will have even more fun this season because you’re earning kicks and saving thanks to Shopkick. Enjoy making your memories!

How to Upgrade Your Closet for Fall on a Budget

The fall season has arrived, and that means it’s time for a closet upgrade! I love stocking up on cozy fall boots, durable jackets, distressed denim, and new accessories. One of my favorite ways to begin my fall-haul is by clearing out my summer clothes and selling them. Then, I can stock up on a mixture of timeless and trendy pieces!

Poshmark – Buy & Sell

Poshmark is an incredible online community and app that allows its users to sell and purchase used and new clothes from other users. They like to call it “shopping from the closets you covet”. One thing I always do when fall rolls around is list all my trendy summer pieces that I am ready to part ways with. I love using the money I earn to purchase designer fall boots or roomy tote bags. You can shop by designers and brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, and more!

Lucky – Iconic & Timeless

After selling my clothes, I start my mission to build my closet’s basic pieces. Lucky has the absolute best timeless denim and jackets that last for years to come – totally worth the price! Lucky also offers bohemian chic jewelry, tops, and belts I can’t help but snag. They are simply the best!

Charlotte Russe – Fun & Trendy

After I stock up on timeless basics, I love to mix in fun and trendy pieces I know will stand out during the season. Charlotte Russe is perfect for finding all things on-the-verge because they update their inventory constantly with new pieces. Whether you’re looking for the perfect newsboy hat, patent belt bag, or lace bodysuit, Charlotte Russe has all of the season’s hottest trends!

One thing that won’t be cold this fall season is my wardrobe! You can be ready for the upcoming fashion season too by parting ways with old clothes, stocking up on classic pieces for your closet’s foundation, and then adding trending and daring items to accessorize. This season, you can shop Poshmark, Lucky Brand, and Charlotte Russe while earning kicks for every dollar you spend. That translates into a gift card which means – you guessed it – more shopping!

Happy Shopkicking!

Get SWEET kicks this Blue Weekend plus a chance to win a Disney gift card!

The sweetest kicks of the summer are here! Earn up to 18,500 kicks when you walk in, scan, submit receipts, and make purchases with your linked card in stores like T.J. Maxx, Carter’s, Brighton, and more. You can also earn up to 25 kicks per $1 spent online through Shopkick on Groupon,, and many more! Check out our kick plan below or open the app now to start scooping up kicks!

Plus, get entered for a chance to win $500 in kicks toward a DISNEY GIFT CARD when you use your linked card as credit in stores, submit a receipt, or make a purchase online through Shopkick during Blue Weekend.

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Chance to win BIG at Disney

But wait, there’s more!

disney giveaway blue weekend

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*Some exclusions may apply. Please check the app for more information.

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Get your Starbucks fix at home (and earn kicks!)

Did you get your morning fix? If you did, it was only one (or two) of the 400 million cups of coffee Americans drink every day. Many of us can thank Starbucks for providing our morning cup of joe. Whether you’re a Starbucks fanatic or just like their vibe, you can now get kicks for Starbucks!

Earn kicks for Starbucks in stores

Scan and submit receipts to earn kicks for select Starbucks ground coffee and K-Cups in stores like Walmart, Target, and many more. Open the app to find scans near you!


Earn kicks for Starbucks online

You can also find your favorite Starbucks products online through Shopkick and earn kicks with every $1 spent on stores like, Boxed, Jet, and more.

Waking up is easy when you can enjoy your favorite cup of Starbucks coffee in the comfort of your home. With coffee this convenient, you’ll be ready for the day in no time.

Bring your Starbucks fix home with you, and go ahead and treat yourself to that second cup — you’ve earned it!

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Prime Day starts now!

The biggest shopping event of the year for Amazon Prime members is here! Prime Day starts now and runs through 7/17/18. Get amazing kicks on eligible Amazon purchases made through the Shopkick app, and discover incredible deals on hundreds of thousands of items.

Don’t have an Amazon Prime membership yet? It’s not too late to sign up and take advantage of these instant savings!

Prime Day Starts Now

Get AMAZING kicks through 7/17

Amazon Fashion
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Check out the deals and big kicks now!


Happy shopkicking!

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Everything you need to know about Prime Day

Prime Day is on the horizon! Whether you’re an Amazon addict or opportunist, you won’t want to miss these 36 hours of enormous savings.

Find all you need to know about this year’s legendary savings

Amazon’s annual Prime Day is one of the best shopping events of the year. Amazon Prime day starts at 12pm PT on July 16 and runs through 11:50pm PT on July 17. This year, Amazon Prime Day is bigger than ever with hundreds of thousands of unbeatable deals sitewide for all Prime members. New savings will be announced every day, and Prime members can shop new deals as often as every five minutes.

But remember! You need to be a Prime member to take advantage of these amazing deals.

Get a front row seat to the best deals of the year

Don’t miss out on Prime Day 2018. Sign up for Amazon Prime to get exclusive access to deals on Prime Day, along with great year-long perks. As a bonus, get a $20 gift card when you register for your first 12-month Amazon Prime membership through Shopkick.

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Stay entertained with kicks this summer from Fandango and Hulu

Check out two new places to earn kicks online through the Shopkick app! Get access to binge-worthy TV series and hit movies with a Hulu membership. Use Fandango to discover the hottest new movies this summer. Plus, earn kicks!

Lights, cameras, kicks!

Check out three new places to earn kicks online through the Shopkick app. Snag cutting-edge fashion on ASOS, discover hundreds of brands online on HSN, and find the latest looks for all women on Lane Bryant, all while earning kicks for your purchases. What’s not to love about getting rewarded for being fashionable?

Fandango – 3 kicks per $1

get kicks while enjoying movies with fandango

Check out the summer’s biggest blockbusters on Fandango! Plan your whole movie night from watching trailers, reading reviews, finding movie times, to buying tickets online. What’s more, you’ll earn kicks for every dollar spent when you shop through the Shopkick app.


Hulu – 1980 kicks

get kicks while enjoying tv with hulu and shopkick

Hulu brings all your TV to one central place. Hulu offers thousands of movies and TV shows, allowing you to watch your favorites anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can earn a whopping 1980 kicks when you join Hulu through the Shopkick app. What’s not to love about getting rewarded for getting entertained?


Happy shopkicking!


How it works

Shopkick rewards you for the shopping you already do. There are many easy ways to earn reward points (we call them kicks). Redeem your kicks for free gift cards and enjoy. It’s that easy! With a wide selection of gift cards available from Starbucks to Target, Sephora to Amazon, you can be sure to find the perfect gift card to treat yourself.

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How to kick off National Reading Month and get rewards

What’s the best way to kick off National Reading Month? With kicks, of course!

What is National Reading Month?

March has been designated National Reading Month to encourage and celebrate the fun and adventure of reading. How can you participate? Here are 5 ways to get inspired this month!

1. Read aloud

celebrate national reading month together

Reading aloud as a family can help the kids with their language and reading skills. Plus, it’s great bonding time!



2. Schedule a read-in

celebrate national reading month cozy socks cold books

March often brings cold and blustery weather. Make of the most of a rainy day by getting cozy on the couch and snuggling up with a good book.



3. Join a book club

celebrate national reading month join book club

Need something a little more social? Join (or organize!) a local book club. Choose books as a group, read them, and circle back to discuss all together. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new crew while you’re at it!


4. Recommit to your reading list

celebrate national reading month baby reading fast

Have you had a book on your to-read list for awhile? Use this month to catch up and plan out what’s next on the docket. That way you’ll have something in the queue for the next time you’re ready for a little R&R.


5. Update your reader

Through March 10 you can celebrate with $20 off select Amazon Kindle devices like the Paperwhite AND great books that you can access anywhere, anytime. You can load up on books from Amazon without having to lug heavy bags around or adding to clutter to your home. Plus, you’ll get rewarded with kicks for every dollar you spend that you can put towards a free gift card!



Escape into National Reading Month

For a limited time, buy an Amazon Kindle or Amazon Kindle Paperwhite through the Shopkick app for $20 off and earn 5 kicks for every dollar you spend. Pair that with a Kindle Unlimited subscription for $9.99 a month, and you’ll be ready to cozy up with that novel calling your name. Open the Shopkick app and check out some of our favorite titles this month. 

Happy reading, and happy shopkicking!

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