How to kick off National Reading Month and get rewards

What’s the best way to kick off National Reading Month? With kicks, of course!

What is National Reading Month?

March has been designated National Reading Month to encourage and celebrate the fun and adventure of reading. How can you participate? Here are 5 ways to get inspired this month!

1. Read aloud

celebrate national reading month together

Reading aloud as a family can help the kids with their language and reading skills. Plus, it’s great bonding time!



2. Schedule a read-in

celebrate national reading month cozy socks cold books

March often brings cold and blustery weather. Make of the most of a rainy day by getting cozy on the couch and snuggling up with a good book.



3. Join a book club

celebrate national reading month join book club

Need something a little more social? Join (or organize!) a local book club. Choose books as a group, read them, and circle back to discuss all together. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new crew while you’re at it!


4. Recommit to your reading list

celebrate national reading month baby reading fast

Have you had a book on your to-read list for awhile? Use this month to catch up and plan out what’s next on the docket. That way you’ll have something in the queue for the next time you’re ready for a little R&R.


5. Update your reader

Through March 10 you can celebrate with $20 off select Amazon Kindle devices like the Paperwhite AND great books that you can access anywhere, anytime. You can load up on books from Amazon without having to lug heavy bags around or adding to clutter to your home. Plus, you’ll get rewarded with kicks for every dollar you spend that you can put towards a free gift card!



Escape into National Reading Month

For a limited time, buy an Amazon Kindle or Amazon Kindle Paperwhite through the Shopkick app for $20 off and earn 5 kicks for every dollar you spend. Pair that with a Kindle Unlimited subscription for $9.99 a month, and you’ll be ready to cozy up with that novel calling your name. Open the Shopkick app and check out some of our favorite titles this month. 

Happy reading, and happy shopkicking!

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National Breast Cancer Foundation Wins $50,000 Donation from Shopkick!

Please join us in congratulating our Kicking for a Cause champions, National Breast Cancer Foundation!

Final leaderboard showing NBCF as the winner

Over the past month, users joined one of 5 charities to earn as many kicks as possible to keep their team in the lead. The National Breast Cancer Foundation team collected over 12 Million kicks alone to snag our winning $50,000 donation!

“Thanks to Shopkick and their users for their support of our mission to help women now facing breast cancer,” says NBCF Founder & CEO, Janelle Hail.  “Their donation of $50,000 will allow NBCF to provide thousands of free early detection and patient navigation services to women in need across America.”

We are thrilled to be able to support such an amazing organization helping women and families affected by breast cancer every single day.

All 5 charities will remain available in the Rewards Mall for a limited time, so we hope you will continue to kick for a cause with us by donating your kicks to National Breast Cancer Foundation or to the charity of your choice through the app now!

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Help a charity win $50,000

Who said making a difference can’t be fun? Help a charity shop their way to a $50,000 donation when you join the “Kicking for a Cause” competition.

For the next 5 weeks, 5 charity teams will compete to see who can collect the most points (we call them “kicks”) in the Shopkick app. The team with the most kicks on August 20 will win a $50,000 donation to their charity!

How to help a charity win:

    1. Sign up for your favorite charity’s team below.
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    3. The charity team with the most kicks on August 20 will win a $50,000 donation!


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Check out the competition:

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Help a Charity win $50,000 by Participating in Kicking for a Cause.


Q: What charities are participating?

A: The 2017 participating charities will be:, American Red Cross, Feeding America, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc., and Room to Read.

Q: How can I earn kicks for my team?

A: Once you’ve signed up for a team all the kicks you earn through your regular Shopkicking will automatically be counted toward your team’s total. This includes but is not limited to kicks for walking in, scanning, watching videos, purchasing with a linked card, submitting receipts, and inviting friends!

Q: Can I keep my kicks or will they automatically be donated?

A: You can choose to keep all your kicks or donate them to a charity through the rewards mall – the choice is yours! No kicks will be automatically removed from your account at any time.

Happy Shopkicking!

See here for official rules.