How to shop your way to free gift cards

Shopping has brought so many new things into my life. (I mean, bringing new things into my life is literally the point of shopping.) I’ve made friends with gals who like to shop at the same stores I do, for instance, and it has taught me things like the thrills of value hunting and to […]Read more

Shop outdoor spring essentials

Find everything you need to transform your patio into the patio of your dreams. Open the Shopkick app to check out some of our favorite finds! Let’s take this outside It’s the perfect time to refresh your outdoor space + earn big kicks! From 4/28 through 5/1, get double the kicks at, eBay, Overstock, […]Read more

The best cash back apps for shoppers

There’s a learning curve to many things in life. Take my spin class, for example. As a jogger, before I started I was a bit skeptical. How much exercise could you really get while sitting on a bike? Still, I went to my first class determined to sweat, and sweat I did. I pedaled, and […]Read more

How to earn Walmart rewards with shopping apps

I’ve learned a lot over my years as a shopper. I’ve learned not to beat myself up for missing a sale: there’s always another one on the horizon. I’ve learned to share my shopping tips with friends because they’re likely to return the favor. And, I’ve learned that while some savings are good, more savings […]Read more

It’s time for a kick-me-up!

Calling all Shopkickers! Case of the Mondays following you through the week? In a bit of a mid-week slump? Perk up and get ready for your weekly KICK-me-up! Let us bring you a little moment of joy with some extra kicks. You deserve it! Big kicks + chance to win even more kicks =  Get […]Read more

The best grocery apps to earn rewards for shopping

Just like some big city grocery store, the app marketplace is really crowded these days—so crowded that it can sometimes be hard to pick which app is best for a specific task. I swear I spent a year searching for the best grocery app to earn rewards for shopping. Why the dedication? Because I shop […]Read more

Shopkick is now on the web!

Introducing new ways to get rewarded for shopping online! The best shopping rewards program just got better Now earn tons of kicks when you shop at your favorite stores on the web. Visit Shopkick on the web and login using the email, Google, or Facebook account you use to log into the Shopkick app to […]Read more

Fun apps where you can make money for shopping

I like to use a spreadsheet on my computer to keep my budget. From talking with my family and friends, I know I’m not alone. In fact, I think most everyone I know is now tracking their finances this way, and why not? It’s super handy, easy to use, and you can access it via […]Read more

Refresh your home for Spring with big kicks from

Spring has sprung, but it’s not too late for a spring refresh. From silky new sheets to plush towels, you’ll find everything you need to make your home feel fresh and new at Plus, for a limited time, earn 10 kicks per $1 spent when you shop through the Shopkick app. That’s more than […]Read more

How to Get Free Kicks on Shopkick

For as long as there have been apps, there have been hacks for apps. In fact, my one friend—let’s call him Shady Jay, he’d like that—is always telling me about them. I’m more into tech and apps than anyone else in our friend group, so I’ll bring up an app and Shady Jay will say, […]Read more

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