3 rewards app hacks (that you didn’t hear from us)

Sometimes I don’t think people really know the meaning of the phrase “hack.” For example, I’ve been taking a class at nights and one of my classmates recently said to me: “So, life hack: the best way to get ahead on this next test is to do all the reading and study the night before.” He said it like he was giving me some secret information that only he had figured out. I thought to myself, “Um, that’s not a life hack…that’s just life.” 

If you ask me, a life hack is a way to do something much easier. It’s usually something that’s not quite obvious and that a lot of people don’t already know about. I have friends who have told me about really valuable life hacks for things like washing their cars. But I think I’ve discovered some of the most valuable: rewards app hacks—all of which are so valuable, that if anyone asks, I’d deny telling you about them!

So without further adieu, let’s get to the three rewards app hacks that you didn’t hear from me!

The Best Rewards App Hacks

1. Find a Rewards App to Use Online

My first rewards app hack is a simple one: find a rewards app that you can use online. I know, it sounds obvious, but I just know so many friends who think in order to use a rewards app, you have to go to a physical store. That is true for some, but it’s not always the case. That’s why the first rewards app hack that I have to share with you today is to make sure you get one you can use both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

Why is this a valuable thing to do? Well, because let’s face it, nobody has time to go to the store to do all of their shopping these days, and even if they did, there are some deals that you can only find online. It’s valuable to have a rewards app that you can use online because I’m pretty sure that all of us these days are doing some, or even most, of our shopping online. By only getting an app that you can use in-person, or even worse not realizing you can use the rewards app you have online, you could be leaving valuable rewards on the table. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to do that!

2. Use Two Rewards Apps at Once

3 rewards app hacksNow that you’re using your first rewards app hack, and collecting your rewards both online and offline, it’s time to move on to our next rewards app hack. This is one that I’ve been using for years. What you do is basically use two rewards apps at once. So, let’s think about the different types of rewards apps. 

There are store loyalty apps, like those that you can download from Target or Starbucks. There are also some rewards apps that require picking certain deals from a list that the developers update every week. There are also credit card rewards apps and programs that give you points every time you buy certain things with your credit card. Finally, there are rewards apps that you can use each and every time you go out shopping. The trick to this is to just remember to use more than one. So, let’s say you use your credit card that gives you 2% back on purchases. When you do, remember to also use a rewards app that gives you points each time you go out shopping, which is a nifty hack to basically double your savings! It really is that easy. 

3. Learn to Love Shopkick

Okay, so my final rewards app hack might fall into the category I described at the start, but I still really want to share it because it’s also my absolute favorite. Basically, this one entails simply downloading and using this app called Shopkick. That’s really all there is to it. You go to your smartphone, find Shopkick, download it, and use it each and every time you shop. Why do I like Shopkick so much?

Well, I’ll happily tell you! Shopkick is just a blast to use. It gives you reward points, which it calls “kicks,” for going shopping and doing things like walking into stores, scanning barcodes of participating products, and, of course, making purchases. You can also use it when you go shopping online, getting points for making purchases that way too. Before long, you’ll even start to like shopping more with Shopkick because it turns each and every trip to the store into a fun scavenger hunt for kicks. I just love it, and I’m sure you will too!

We all know life and shopping can be a hassle at times, but with these hacks, it’ll be that much easier for you!

There you go, three great rewards app hacks that you can start using today. So remember, the first step is to download a shopping rewards app—don’t forget my favorite, Shopkick. The next step is to go shopping. You can go shopping online or in-store and you can use Shopkick at the same time you’re using some of your other favorite rewards apps, such as the credit card that gives you a percentage back on purchases or the branded app to your favorite store. We all know life and shopping can be a hassle at times, but with these hacks, it’ll be that much easier for you!

It’s time to start earning kicks! Shopkick makes shopping a rewarding experience. Download the app today and start using all of our rewards app hacks to earn kicks! 

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25 days of Christmas shopping: Saving tips for your 2019 budget

The Christmas season is officially here, and (sing it with me, now!) these are a few of my favorite things: goodwill, cheer, and Christmas shopping saving tips! Yes, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year, if you love Christmas shopping—which I do! 

With three boys in the house, Christmas is also my favorite season for building family memories (and not just because the threat of coal in their stockings keeps all of my guys in line!) My boys, however, are not the only ones on my list. Just like last year and the year before that, I have quite a bit of Christmas shopping to do. But this year, I have a list. I don’t mean my usual shopping list, it’s a list of 25 Christmas shopping saving tips that can keep my 2019 budget from turning as red as Rudolph’s nose. 

If you’re as excited to go holiday shopping for your friends and family as I am, here are 25 more great reasons to look forward to it! Consider these shopping savings tips my Christmas gift to you this holiday season.

25 Christmas Shopping Savings Tips for 2019

Get smart. And by that I mean, go Christmas shopping with your smartphone. December is cold—in some places, very cold! If you want to wrap up in a blanket and shop from your couch, you do you. And, there are plenty of apps out there that will reward for shopping, whether it’s online, in-store, or both—and I’ll be sharing all of my favorites below! 

2 | Get in the mindset that saving money can be fun. Which brings me to my next 23 tips….

Christmas shopping3 | Apps are your friends, so show them some love. My philosophy is that there’s strength in numbers during the holiday shopping season. You’ll want to roll with three or four apps like they’re your personal shopping crew.

4 | Charge your phone before you go shopping. Don’t think you need to be reminded in this day and age? Think again. Your phone is your lifeline to your apps, as well as your shopping list. Forgot what little Bobby wanted? Don’t worry, he emailed you an Amazon link. No idea what to get your dad? Call your mom. She’s the only one that knows he recently picked up skateboarding. Otherwise, you might be heading back to the mall to spend a little more later when you realize you haven’t yet nailed the perfect gift.

Get your kicks with Shopkick! I actually love using the shopping app Shopkick all year long, but it’s also my favorite way to earn money for Christmas gifts. Shopkick makes the crazy insanity that is Christmas shopping insanely fun, while also helping you effortlessly earn free gift cards for walking into shops, as well as for buying gifts in-store and online. Each year, my Christmas budget is getting bigger and bigger thanks to my Shopkick rewards. 

6 | Download apps that have holiday gift guides. These tech-based shopping buddies can give you ideas in every price range so you can check off every last person on your list this year without blowing your budget. 

7 | You must have an app that gives you cash back for purchases. There are apps that give you cashback by racking up points, as well as coupon-based apps that save you money upfront. As fun as Christmas shopping is, you know what’s even more fun? Getting paid to shop!

Christmas shopping savings8 | Use an app that introduces you to new products. I get it: familiar products are comforting. But haven’t you bought your grandma that same scented lotion for six years running now? She probably still has two bottles under her bathroom sink. Time to mix it up! Bonus: New products sometimes have introductory prices saving you some pretty pennies, or your favorite app may offer bonus points toward rewards when you buy featured products. 

9 | Don’t forget to socialize! Everyone’s busy this time of year, but you can usually make time to go out shopping together, so pick out an app that you can use with your friends when you do, turning the sometimes crazy business of Christmas shopping into a fun social experience. Some apps even let you earn points toward gift cards when you get your friends to download and sign up, which can go a long way toward saving this season.

Do not—and I repeat—do not be afraid to embrace coffee. It’s hard to really focus on how to save this holiday shopping season if you’re dragging. And, you may just find that you can cash in on a Starbucks card for a free coffee ahead of your afternoon spree if you were using your rewards apps wisely in the morning!

11 | And download the Starbucks app to get points for all the coffees you’ll be drinking—even the free coffees you earn from shopping rewards apps!

12 | Taking advantage of holiday shopping hours. Remember that staying out late is your friend, especially when combined with tips nine and ten above! Put those kids to bed, like I do, then stock up on the late-night deals offered at your local retail stores. 

13 | Download retail store apps. These store-specific apps reward loyalty for repeat business—because you and I both know that your Target runs are going to be daily instead of weekly this December.

14 |  Download the Target app. Speaking of Target, download their app pronto for an even better shopping experience at a store that has basically everything. If you need more convincing, just go ahead and refer back to the tip above!

Make time to browse. Yes, having a plan is crucial to successful Christmas shopping, but some of the best bargains I’ve found have been sales on things I didn’t even know I was looking for. You can browse in-store or in your favorite shopping rewards app.

16 | Download the Ulta app. The Ulta app is the ulta-mate (get it?) way to check your besties off your list. Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure to get yourself something from Ulta, too—since you’re saving so much this holiday season. You’ve earned it! And if you haven’t, I’m sure you’ll earn it very soon in the form of a gift card from your favorite shopping points app. 

17 | Give Google Opinion Rewards a try. For a cash influx to support your budget, try filling out some surveys through Google Opinion Rewards. It only takes a few minutes to earn and redeem rewards you can use to boost your Christmas budget.

18 | Find an app that gives you points for walking. Walking into stores, that is. Look, sometimes even your favorite store is a bust when you’re shopping for a specific person on your list, but the very best shopping rewards apps actually let you earn points and savings just for walking in the door of your favorite stores. 

19 | Don’t exceed the cash limit in your office Secret Santa this year. I know I’m always tempted, but I find I buy more creative gifts when I stick to the limit, while at the same time saving a bit of money on my shopping.

Download the Best Buy app. Tech and gadgets are the hottest gifts year after year. Best Buy has a very cool app if you have any tech-savvy friends or family members on your list—and you know you do. 

21 | Make sure you’re earning points for shopping online. We’ve mentioned this a few times, but it deserves its own place on this list. Make sure that the same app that gives you points for shopping in your favorite store, gives you points for the shopping you do online too. Because, let’s be honest, Amazon Prime shipping is an honest-to-goodness lifesaver, amiright?

22 | Try out coupon apps. I know, couponing is so 5 years ago, but there are some modern coupon apps, like Honey, that help streamline things, and that you can combine with apps like Shopkick to help you save even more money on your Christmas shopping—and your Christmas grocery list. 

23 | Go on a scavenger hunt. Remember tip #2? Saving money can be fun! Using the Shopkick app to go on the hunt for the perfect gift puts the playfulness back into your Christmas shopping—and helps you get back into the Christmas spirit of surprises, for yourself and your loved ones!

24 | Don’t forget to put all these apps you’ve downloaded to use. Take a moment to make a plan, and wake up your smartphone, before you step out of the car. When I’m really busy, I keep it simple: I open up Shopkick, and the app for the store I’m about to walk into. When I’m really, really busy, I just load up Shopkick, because almost no matter where I am, I’m earning rewards for browsing and buying. 

Don’t forget your own self-care. This is less of a Christmas shopping savings tip, and more of a tip for your own emotional well-being: take a quiet night for yourself at some point to simply enjoy the holiday season. Heat up some cocoa. Put on your bunny slippers. Watch your favorite holiday movie (Love Actually!). And sit back, relax—and maybe peek at all the rewards and savings you’ve racked up on Shopkick and the rest of your favorite shopping, coupon, and store apps.

The Ultimate Tip to Save While Christmas Shopping This Year

Christmas shopping saving tipsI want to leave you with some words of wisdom and encouragement. With Shopkick, there are tons of ways to earn rewards right from the app—no need to go anywhere. These include kicks for watching videos and instant surprise kicks from going on Easter egg hunts right within the app itself. Users can also earn big points and rewards by shopping on their phones at stores like Amazon, Walmart, and more. I know I have!

With Shopkick, there are tons of ways to earn rewards right from the app—no need to go anywhere.

I hope you find these Christmas shopping saving tips helpful—but I know you’ll like using Shopkick as much as I have. It’s just so much fun to get your kicks with it, earning points from things like walking into stores, going down aisles, browsing products, and making purchases. Plus, the money you save can make all the difference in your Christmas budget this year!

It’s time to get your kicks! Shopkick makes shopping a rewarding experience, no matter what time of the year it is. Download the app today and do your Christmas shopping to earn kicks and boost your 2019 budget from red to green! Then keep on using it into 2020 to keep the savings rolling in.

Shop Amazon Prime Day Deals with Shopkick

Are you addicted to Amazon Prime? I signed up for a subscription a year ago, and I have been hooked ever since. I love the convenience of shopping online with Amazon, placing orders for the items I need without fear I’ll pay a hefty shipping charge (you never pay for two-day shipping!), and knowing my purchases will be dropped off on my doorstep within two days. Sometimes, I even happen upon a box the very next day! Plus, when you’re a member, you receive access to Amazon Prime Day, which kicks off TODAY!

If you are not yet an Amazon Prime member, I highly suggest jumping onboard right now. Better yet, sign up for your first year of Amazon Prime with Shopkick! When you do, you will immediately earn a $20 Amazon gift card you can use during a future shopping trip. Plus, you will be able to access all of the Prime Day deals happening today through 11:59 p.m. PST tomorrow, July 16.  

Not only can you earn a gift card for signing up for Amazon Prime with Shopkick, but you can also earn plenty of additional kicks when you shop the sale using the app. Here’s how:

Amazon Devices

Amazon Kindles are wonderful because you have access to a never ending supply of books right at your fingertips. If you’re a member of your local library, you can also download books right to your Kindle from your library’s app. It’s wonderful, and it makes traveling even more enjoyable because you can pack light with one device. Shop for a new Kindle through Amazon Devices and SAVE during Prime Day. Plus, you will earn extra kicks!

Amazon Fashion

Take a look at Amazon Fashion while you’re perusing all of the sales! Amazon has their own fashion brands, such as Lark & Ro, Mae, Ella Moon, and Arabella. Expect to find everything from comfortable basics and active wear to outfits perfect to wear to work. Similar to Amazon Devices, you will earn kicks when you shop Amazon Fashion brands through your Shopkick app!

Amazon Subscriptions

Have you tried Audible? It’s part of Amazon Subscriptions, and it’s a complete library of audiobooks. If you’re trying to read more books each month, Audible may be a great choice for you because you can listen on the go or while you’re relaxing on the beach. When you sign up for an Audible Gold membership with Shopkick, you will save. You can also check out Amazon Music Unlimited and Kindle Unlimited memberships.

Amazon Home

Amazon Home is always stocked with the latest finds for your home, whether you’re searching for décor or appliances. Expect to save money because Amazon always has some of the best deals. When you shop via your Shopkick app you will also earn kicks toward a gift card, which feels like getting cash back on your purchases.

 Happy Prime Day shopping, Shopkickers! Let us know your shopping strategy on Facebook.

Top Five Mother’s Day Deals

Aren’t moms the best? I think so too! I count down until Mother’s Day every year, and my plans always change slightly. Whether my mom and I set aside time to go to brunch, share a meal with a larger group of family, spend the afternoon reading in her backyard, or plan a complete experience to enjoy, the key thing is we almost always plan something we can do together.

Even if we have something in mind to share together, I typically purchase a little something extra too. So, whether you’re seeing your favorite ladies in person or hoping to send something straight to her door, there is still time to shop and prep before Sunday, May 12.

Today, I thought I would share how you can shop for Mother’s Day and earn big kicks through Shopkick’s Countdown to Mother’s Day! Gift ideas, retailers, and the specifics are all below for you. So, let’s get our Mother’s Day gift on!


Up her style with a gift from LOFT! My mom and I are known for our online shopping, so we were both thrilled when LOFT was announced as a new Shopkick partner. I would describe my style as preppy and feminine, while my mom’s style is more classic and casual. Without fail, we always find something we have to have from LOFT. They have an excellent selection of shorts and t-shirts perfect for summer, their Lou & Grey line is a must-experience, and we’re both fans of their dresses for everyday and events. It’s impossible to go wrong with anything from LOFT!


Encourage her fitness journey! Nike has some of the best gear for working out, and you can earn BIG KICKS right now when you shop for Mother’s Day gifts. The warmest months of the year are quickly approaching, so push her to spend more time working out outside with a new pair of sneakers. Add to her workout gear with new athleisure pieces because few things make you feel motivated to work out quite like a new outfit. Whatever you choose, you will be helping her to meet her fitness goals!  

Sam’s Club:

Say “thank you” with essentials! Sometimes the best gift is the feeling of receiving items you truly need. Sam’s Club has nearly everything you could ever need for day-to-day life, thanks to their wide selection of products. Purchase groceries in bulk, outfit her backyard with new furniture, treat her to new beauty products, make her feel loved with jewelry, and so much more. With Shopkick, Sam’s Club is about to feel like your one stop shop for Mother’s Day!


Treat her to luxury! QVC is known for their wide assortment of brands and products, and you may be surprised by the sheer volume of brand name pieces you will discover on their site. Think about her wishlist, then pop over to QVC’s site from your Shopkick app. While you’re there, you will discover plenty of ideas from luggage for summer travel to jewelry and bedding.


Send her flowers! Moms love receiving flowers, especially when they’re chosen by you. Shop for a bouquet for your favorite lady on 1800Flowers from your Shopkick app and earn kicks! Gifting blooms has never felt better.

Stay tuned for more deals to drop over the next few days. Rumor has it that kicks will be dropping from Sephora, SeatGeek, and Groupon soon! And, a note to all moms – You are loved.

Make sure to download Shopkick for free, and join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more shopping inspiration!

Touchdown, Groupon!

I’m of the opinion that some of the greatest things in life are not actually things. Instead, they’re concerts and plays, restaurants and classes, vacations in new-to-you destinations and adventures in your hometown. They’re afternoons that stretch into evenings, like this weekend, when you cheer on your team as they take on their rival on the biggest stage. The best things in life are experiences, and I’ve learned you can uncover some of the top experiences on Groupon with Shopkick.


We all text with a complete variety of people, and one of my favorite texts to receive is from friends asking me if I want to attend a concert. I always want my answer to revolve around one word: yes. That single yes has oftentimes not only allowed me to experience a night out with a friend but to always glance sideways at each other in astonishment when we see our seats for the first time. We’ve had some of our greatest views to see some of the coolest acts for a complete fraction of the price, thanks to Groupon.


As my family and I research activities to experience while exploring new cities, we always check all of the top sites and read reviews. Once we’ve landed on the excursion we want to take, we book with Groupon. They have many of the same companies listed, and just like the concerts I have seen, the sightseeing is made even sweeter thanks to the money we collectively save.

Explore Your Hometown:

Just like my friends who ask if I want to attend a concert or my family’s desire to discover the best of a city, I also always want to make sure I’m finding fun experiences in my hometown. A quick search on Groupon will allow you to find restaurants you haven’t dined in yet mixed with well-known favorites. The site will allow you to see deals to ice skate or jump in a trampoline park or explore museums you haven’t visited in years. Groupon can make your hometown feel brand new, and the things you find can also act as amazing gifts!

Check Off Your Chores:

Though experiences are always some of the most fun, sometimes you also need to check chores off of your list. Don’t hesitate to visit Groupon if your car needs an oil change, you would like to try having meals or groceries delivered to your door (or perhaps a neighbor needs a hand), or you need to find a professional to fix something at home or help you move to a new home. Groupon, without a doubt, has it all, including a complete section for Goods.

Touchdown, Groupon!

As you cheer on your teams today, start planning your next near or far experience with Groupon! There is something for everyone, including trips throughout the United States and the World, and there are even Deals of the Day. Explore the site with Shopkick through February 5, 2019, and earn 25 kicks per $1 spent! Deals and experiences go hand-in-hand with Groupon. What will you do together next?

Make sure to download Shopkick for free, and join us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more shopping inspiration!

Shop and Save for the Holidays: Blue Weekend is Here!

One of our favorite weekends is back once again, and it’s back just in time for the holidays! It’s Blue Weekend! This celebratory shopping event will unite Shopkickers from around the country together to check off even more of the gifts on your list. Whether you’re shopping for parents, partners, kids, or friends, December 14-16 is the time to shop, save, and earn kicks!

To help you earn the most kicks possible and to make sure you’re well on your way to redeeming your kicks for gift cards before Christmas, we thought we would highlight a few of the best places to shop during Blue Weekend for décor, style, athletic, tech, and kids’ finds. Let’s dive in!

Décor Finds:

Gifting décor is one of the easiest ways to bring joy to parents, friends, and hostesses this holiday season! Consider popping HomeGoods in order to discover some of the most unique pieces at some of the lowest prices. Items like pillows, throws, and mugs always add to the festive cheer, and they definitely have a holiday theme. Just make sure to note, the kicks for HomeGoods are only available in select states!

Yankee Candle also offers plenty of wonderfully scented candles, and you can also personalize them. It’s the ultimate holiday gift!

Both stores are wonderful places to shop for White Elephant or Secret Santa gifts – give something they will love rather than a gag! Just by walking in to select HomeGoods or Yankee Candle, you will earn kicks, and there are more available when you submit your receipt at Yankee Candle!

Style Finds:

We’re certain you have plenty of fashion fans on your holiday gifting list, and TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ulta Beauty are three of our go-to spots!

TJ Maxx and Marshalls are both filled with name brand pieces at incredible prices, and it’s never a surprise to find a host of designer items in either store (or both!). Is there a better feeling than gifting your family and friends the designers they love? It feels like the ultimate surprise! Expect to earn kicks simply by walking inside either or both stores!

If you have a haircare, skincare, or makeup fan amongst your family and friends, Ulta is the store to visit! Their team of experts will be able to effortlessly guide you toward products to pamper your loved ones, and many of them may be from brands you haven’t thought of yet. Be prepared to find name brand and designer finds, fragrances, and more that will look amazing wrapped under your tree or tucked inside of a stocking. Make sure to link your credit card before you make your purchase in order to earn kicks!

Athletic Finds:

Many of us are starting to experience winter’s coldest temperatures, but that doesn’t mean we all still don’t want to work toward our fitness goals! If your friends or family thrive when they’re able to work-out or if they’re setting new fitness goals for 2019, help to hold them accountable by gifting them everything they will need from some of the top brands.

Shop at Reebok for traditional and on-trend sneakers, socks, and workout gear. Plus, they have specific finds for sports! Shoe Carnival has a plethora of top shoe brands, particularly if you’re shopping for sneakers. Modell’s Sporting Goods has plenty of workout gear and gifts for sports fans (you need to be ready to cheer for your teams post-workout!). Just note, the kicks for Modell’s are only available in select states! The ladies on your list will love Fabletics budget friendly finds because all of their workout gear is on-trend, plus the company was started by Kate Hudson. Does it get any better? In order to maximize your cool down, stop into Jockey for the best loungewear your recipients will love to wear (and, don’t be surprised if you walk away with a few new finds for yourself too!).

All of these brands are offering kicks by walking inside the stores, which totally counts as exercise!

Tech Finds:

The holidays are the time for new tech, and Best Buy is the place to go! Step inside one of their many stores, and think about upgrading your phone. You can also prep for awards season and the Super Bowl by purchasing a new TV, and you should stock up on movies and seasons of favorite shows too. Don’t forget to peruse their selection of cameras, computers, and printers. Make this the best tech year yet! Don’t forget to link your credit card before you make your purchase.

Kids’ Finds:

We don’t know about you, but we always become the most excited to shop for all of the kids on our lists! Carter’s and OshKosh B’gosh are two of the first places we visit every time. They have adorable clothes for babies and toddlers, plus they also have clothing for older kids too. Find pajamas, tops, pants, and shoes in palettes they will love! Both brands are offering kicks to Shopkickers who walk inside, plus you can earn even more when you shop with a linked card.

If you’re searching for a new toy set for a boy or girl, LEGO® should be on your list! Walmart and Target sell many of their building sets, and we speak from experience when we say they provide hours of imaginative, building fun. Kids are able to explore other worlds while they piece together their sets, whether that means escaping to soar with a favorite character or pretending to be an entrepreneur. The options are nearly endless, and the kids on your list will have plenty of indoor fun ahead of them during the holiday season and well beyond!

Where will you be shopping during Blue Weekend? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! Make sure to join our social media fun too because you will discover a whole community of passionate Shopkickers just like you.

How to Travel, Save, and Earn Kicks with Hotwire

What destinations are on your travel bucket list? If you were to ask us that question, we could easily (and quickly!) name multiple destinations in the United States, Caribbean, and beyond.

There are so many cultures, sights, and cuisines we would love to experience, and we have found traveling is one of the best ways to do all three. Plus, we always feel relaxed and reinvigorated after an adventure to a new place whether it’s an hours long plane ride or a quick drive away.

The decision to travel is never a difficult one to make, but how to find the best rates, when to go, where to stay, and what to see always gives us pause. It’s easy to spend hours upon hours researching your destination, and sometimes that research takes away from the fun. But, we think we’ve uncovered one of the best kept travel secrets: Hotwire!

We once thought Hotwire was simply a site to price compare hotels and flights, but we’ve uncovered there is so much more to the site and brand that makes traveling seem that much more attainable. From saving you time to saving you money, we’re sharing our three favorite Hotwire features below. Get ready to earn kicks with Shopkick while planning your next trip!


Having an open mind while traveling always serves us well, and the same philosophy will serve you well while planning your vacation with Hotwire through Shopkick. One of the mysteries of traveling are the questions you’re always anxious to answer: When are flights the most reasonable? When are the best rates available at hotels? What is there to see, do, and eat? What about the weather; when is it the best? By opting to use Hotwire’s TripStarter feature, all of your questions will be answered quickly, easily, clearly, and on one website.

When you visit the TripStarter page, enter in your starting airport followed by your destination. Once you enter both pieces of information and search, TripStarter will begin loading information for you. You will be provided with a chart that details the cost trends for hotels, and when you click the tab at the top you will also be able to see cost trends for flights. Temperature details are always available, as well as the average weather patterns (i.e.: average rainfall). When to save, where to stay, and preferred activities to experience are also listed in a sidebar. You can even see the best deals for the next 30 days! Once you decide on your destination with help from Hotwire’s TripStarter feature, you can continue booking from the same screen.

The best way to keep traveling fun is by limiting how much you need to research, and Hotwire’s TripStarter feature makes sure you’re on your way to enjoying your trip without any hassle!

Hot Rates:

Wherever your travels take you, choosing where to stay can feel like one of the most arduous decisions to make. There are seemingly endless reviews available online, plenty of areas to explore, and multiple places to check for rates. However, Hotwire answers all of these questions (and more!) with their Hot Rates feature!

To use the feature, simply enter your travel dates, destination, and number of guests staying in the room. Once you submit your query, Hotwire immediately loads a number of results at the top of your search that are marked as Hot Rates. The Hot Rates indication means the hotel is discounted by up to 60%. You are still able to see how many reviews the hotel has received from other customers (Hotwire shows reviews from trusted source, TripAdvisor), and you can also see where the hotel is located to make sure it’s in line with the areas in which you hope to explore.

Part of the reason Hotwire can offer the rates at such a discount is because they don’t reveal the name of the hotel until after you book. However, if you click on the listing, there is a feature where Hotwire will reveal that your potential hotel is one of four options. At this point, the names of the hotels are featured for you to click on and explore, and they are always four star hotels!

If you’re willing to be slightly adventurous, Hotwire’s Hot Rates feature is a fantastic way to save without losing an ounce of luxury while traveling! Don’t forget to book through Shopkick’s app in order to earn kicks and gift cards for your trip.

Same Day Arrival:

When was the last time you booked a spontaneous getaway? They’re fun because they feel like an unexpected adventure! In order to keep your spirits high as you embark on your surprise, we highly recommend Hotwire.

The myth about booking a getaway, particularly a hotel, at the last minute is you won’t be able to save any money. However, Hotwire teams up with some of the most desirable hotels in any given city to offer you the best rates. Whether they’re one of the most popular hotels or it’s simply an off time to travel, many hotels and resorts frequently don’t sell all of their rooms for a given night. In order to continue to sell, these same resorts sell their rooms through Hotwire at a discount!

We recommend exploring Same Day Arrival rates on Hotwire through Shopkick. Enter your travel dates, destination, and guest count on Hotwire’s homepage. Then see what rates result in your search. You can also pair your Same Day Arrival rate search with Hotwire’s Hot Rates feature to save even more. Plus, you will earn kicks when you book!

Hotwire, Shopkick, travel, and savings has to be one of the best combinations! We cannot wait to hear about the kicks you earn and which gift card you choose to redeem to use on your next adventure. Where will your travels take you?

How to Celebrate Halloween in Three Easy Steps

What is your favorite Halloween memory? Whether it was a character, animal, dream career, or favorite food, I loved choosing my costume every year. I loved dressing up, marching in school parades, and going trick-or-treating every year. Because I have such fun memories, Halloween is still one of my favorite holidays. I always add a new décor piece or two to my collection, I never miss the chance to go on a haunted hayride, and I love throwing Halloween parties for friends.

The idea of prepping for a holiday is especially enjoyable, so I thought I would share how you can prep and save for Halloween with Shopkick in three simple steps.

Add Décor:

Carving, or at least purchasing, pumpkins in honor of Halloween is always a given! Rather than creating a freehand design, I keep a kit on hand filled with templates to make carving fun and easy. I originally purchased my kit from Walmart, and I know they still stock them. Even if this is the only festive piece of décor you have, you and your home will certainly be in the Halloween spirit.

If you want to take your décor up a notch, consider purchasing dish towels and a new candy bowl for your neighborhood’s trick-or-treaters from Kohls.com. Then swing by your local T.J.Maxx and Marshall’s to pick up a few new decorative items, like pieces for your mantle, doorstep, kitchen, or even your kids’ rooms. Another great tip is to purchase a new fall scented candle from Yankee Candle. Not only will the scents feel festive for Halloween, but you can continue to light your candle throughout the season.

Make sure your Shopkick app is open while you shop for your décor with all of the retailers I mentioned because you will earn kicks with every purchase!

Purchase a Costume:

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for your kids, costume shopping is always one of the most fun aspects of Halloween! Now, shopping has become much easier because so many retailers offer costumes online, plus you can earn kicks on your costume purchases when you shop with Shopkick.

Walmart.com has quite a selection every year, and you can easily purchase a few costumes in different sizes so you, your partner, and your kids can try every piece on at home. If your kids love playing dress up, think about ordering their costume one size larger, so they can continue enjoying it for months to come!

If you’re looking for other options for yourself or simply hoping to find accessories, Kohls.com, Marshall’s, and T.J.Maxx always offer budget friendly finds to add to your outfit. Jet.com also has great fashion finds, and Ulta is the perfect place for Halloween ready makeup and hair supplies.

Entertain with Ease:

When you’re throwing a party, the best thing to do is purchase everything in bulk. I love ordering from Boxed.com with Shopkick because I’m able to earn kicks while ordering everything from beverages and snacks to household essentials and candy (of course!). Rather than pulling out any of your dinnerware, use paper and plastic. Your guests are attending your party because they want to spend time with you and each other, and I guarantee they will agree with the ease of your party.

For an added dose of fun, book a visit to a haunted house or a ride on a haunted hayride on Groupon through Shopkick! Tickets are typically less expensive when you purchase them through Groupon, and you will earn kicks towards free gift cards. Regardless of the price, haunted houses and hayrides are always worth it. There’s just something about a fun spook that enriches relationships and makes everyone laugh!

Whether your Halloween plans are simple or elaborate, I know you will have even more fun this season because you’re earning kicks and saving thanks to Shopkick. Enjoy making your memories!

How to earn money for Christmas gifts with everyday shopping

As someone whose absolute favorite hobby is shopping, Christmas is a great time of year for me. I love the togetherness and the cheer that holiday shopping brings, but there’s also the sales. Oh, the sales. And, what better reason is there to shop than during the gift-giving season? If you’re a savvy shopper, you can get gifts for the entire family while also scoring all kinds of incredible deals on clothes, appliances, and anything else that interests you. However, making the most of holiday shopping isn’t entirely about sales.

Make no mistake, hunting down the best bargains and sales is a big part of being the best Christmas-time shopper that you can be, but there are also other ways to maximize value during the holidays as well. Over the years, I’ve found a number of great ways to use my regular everyday shopping to help fuel my savings during the holidays. Today, I’ll share with you how to earn money for Christmas gifts with everyday shopping tips.

With these tips, you’ll learn how to earn money for Christmas gifts without even going out of your way. In fact, the normal things you do when you go out shopping for groceries, shampoo, and clothes, for example, will be all that you need to maximize value, which for me is the surest way to also maximize holiday cheer!

How to Earn Money for Christmas Gifts: Shopper Loyalty Programs

If you’re looking into how to earn money for Christmas gifts with everyday shopping, one way is to use the incentive programs that many stores offer their loyal shoppers. These stores include WalMart, Target, Best Buy, Sephora, and Starbucks—and the exact details vary depending on the store, especially as it applies to the type of rewards you can earn. But, essentially, they work the same.

These programs give you rewards for shopping at the same store. The more you shop there, the more rewards you can potentially earn. The key is to make sure to get the most out of these types of programs by always remembering to use them when you’re at the store.

How to Earn Money for Christmas Gifts: Shopping Rewards Apps  

how to earn money for christmas gifts before you go shoppingUsing customer loyalty programs that give you rewards for shopping repeatedly at a single store isn’t the only way to earn money for Christmas gifts. In fact, there’s something called a shopping rewards app that you can use to incentivize your everyday shopping at a variety of stores. Depending on what app you choose, you can use these programs to potentially reap rewards for nearly every purchase you make.

How these apps work is pretty simple. Download the app, and then use it when you go shopping. There are a few different ways these apps can work. Some are what I call couponing apps, which work like old-school coupon clipping. Others give you points for the things you already do when you’re out shopping, things like walking into stores, going down aisles browsing products, and making purchases. You can then redeem those points in the form of cash back rewards and even gift cards, both of which you can use to buy your family and friends Christmas gifts this year!

How to Earn Money for Christmas Gifts: Shopkick

I think the absolute key for how to earn money for Christmas gifts with everyday shopping is to find the right shopping rewards app, one you’ll actually want to use all the time so you don’t have to worry about being consistent. My personal favorite is this app called Shopkick. You get points for all those everyday shopping activities I described above. Shopkick turns what would otherwise be boring and routine trips to the store into a fun game; kind of like a scavenger hunt for savings and points.

Everyday shopping isn’t the only way that you can use Shopkick to earn points. There are ways to earn money you can use later to buy Christmas gifts without even leaving the house. In fact, there are tons of ways Shopkickers can earn rewards right from the app—no need to go anywhere. These include kicks for watching videos and instant surprise kicks from going on Easter egg hunts in the app. Users can also get amazing deals where you can earn big points and rewards by shopping on your phone at stores like Amazon, Walmart, and more!

There are tons of ways Shopkickers can earn rewards right from the app—no need to go anywhere.

Sales are great, and half the fun of the holidays is hunting them down. But, even the best sale means you’ll have to spend some money. Let’s say you find 10 great sales – that’s still 10 purchases you’ll have to make. So, why not find ways to earn money while you’re at it?

Shopkick is my absolute favorite way to save during my everyday shopping throughout the year. I’m also such a dedicated Shopkicker that I’ve earned more than my fair share of rewards through the app and by shopping online as well. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the savings too. I mean, who wouldn’t? The best way to maximize your savings is to use Shopkick throughout the year so that when the holidays roll around, you’ll have tons of extra cash to fuel your purchases.

Ready to learn more about how to earn money for Christmas gifts this holiday season?Download Shopkick for free and join a community of loyal Shopkickers who’ve already discovered how rewarding—and fun—shopping can be!

And, if you love using your smartphone to stay up on social media, join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for daily shopping inspiration.

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Celebrate Fall: Shop, Save, and Earn BIG Kicks with Shopkick

Fall has officially arrived, and we are celebrating! This season always brings to mind the of changing leaves, apple harvests, layered outfits, treats mixed with a few tricks, and a general feeling of coziness. With crisper temperatures in the air and a palette switch to moodier hues, we always feel we need to break away from the bold palettes of summer in our fashion and home décor choices in favor of pieces that honor the season. We’ve come to the conclusion we cannot be alone in our feelings of wanting to properly mix things up, so we thought a weekend of BIG KICKS was in order!

What can you expect? We have all of the details for you.

Get big kicks in stores
100 kicks
9/22 ONLY
100 kicks
9/22 ONLY
6 kicks/$1
was 3 kicks
Ends 9/22
200 kicks
8 kicks/$1
was 4 kicks
100 kicks
10 kicks/$1
was 5 kicks
6 kicks/$1
was 3 kicks
6 kicks/$1
was 3 kicks
6 kicks/$1
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Linked debit cards must be run as credit in order to receive your kicks.
Get big kicks online

25 kicks/$1
was 15 kicks

20 kicks/$1
was 4 kicks

15 kicks/$1
was 7 kicks

15 kicks/$1
was 4 kicks

15 kicks/$1
was 3 kicks
Some exclusions may apply. Please check the app for more information.


Even though the internet is always at our fingertips, there’s so much fun to be had when you shop in stores. You can see, touch, and feel products, try all of your finds on in store to find your best fit and avoid a trip for exchanges, and get advice from the pros. Plus, a day (or weekend!) of shopping is the perfect excuse for a girl’s day or night out – stop for lunch, browse through stores in person, and cap your day off with cocktails!

As temperatures start to dip, we like to make sure our selection of basics are at the ready. As much as we enjoy spring and summer’s warm temperatures and lengthy sandal seasons, some of the first pieces we’re most excited to wear again in the fall are jeans, blouses, and boots. TJ Maxx and Marshalls are two of the best stores to shop for all three. We’re always amazed by the bargains we find for pieces from top brands that allow us to keep our budgets in check.

Swapping accessories is another fun perk of fall! Brighton has a complete selection of unique jewelry pieces, including bracelets, necklaces, and rings that are unlike anything we can find anywhere else. Plus, the fall is the perfect time to swap out your purse for a new one in a deeper hue, and a new work tote is definitely in order. Just consider either one part of your back-to-school prep! Don’t forget to take a peek at Brighton’s fantastic selection of boots.

One of the best ways to stay inspired and on track with your fitness goals and routines are to look the part! Stop into Reebok and stock up on new workout gear, like tops, shorts, crops, socks, and sneakers. Their selection is wide, and their gear in on trend and in style for fall runs and classes and any errands you might run post-workout.

And, don’t forget to update your makeup! Even though your products may not have run out, the fall is a great time to toss products you have had for several months in favor of replacements. Talk to the pros at Ulta to make sure you’re using the best products for your skin, complexion, and overall look. They likely have a few suggestions for you that you may not have considered yet! Plus, Ulta also has one of the best selections of fragrance and hair products that sometimes feel hard to find.


Whether you’re prepping for the game and need a new jersey, shopping for new home gadgets in advance of fall’s biggest holidays, updating your towels or bedroom linens, or shopping for new clothes or shoes, Kohls.com always has some of the best deals! When you shop with Shopkick you will earn kicks, plus Kohls.com is constantly running additional sales. It’s a complete win-win shopping experience!

Whenever we’re looking for on trend pieces, we always visit ASOS.com! The brand’s online retail space is so vast it makes us feel as though we’re browsing in store. It’s a great place to shop to try out new-to-you pieces you’re not quite ready to invest in yet, and ASOS also has a wonderful selection of dresses and more for special events (wedding, formal, and holiday seasons, we’re looking at you!).

Overstock.com has a plethora of products from which to choose, but we’re always drawn to their home décor pieces, including their furniture! Browse their linens and accessories, and then pop over to explore their wide selection of area rugs, furniture, appliances, and more! The fall is one of the best times to revive your home because falling temperatures will have you spending much more time indoors very soon. Create a space you enjoy!

If you’re searching for an online destination that has a little bit of everything on your list, HSN.com is the place to go! The site has a complete selection of tech, including cell phones, tablets, laptops, and more, as well as a complete selection of home appliances, clothing, beauty, and more. We can never visit their site without leaving with at least one shipment on its way to our doorstep!

When we think of appliances, we immediately think of Sears.com! The online giant has some of the best deals all year long for large and small appliances, including dishwashers, washers and dryers, refrigerators, microwaves, and even ovens. Now is the best time to make sure the appliances in your home are ready to roll because there are a host of holidays on the horizon! If you’re looking for baby clothes, new outfits for yourself, fitness equipment, or new tools, you will find those and more too!

What’s on your fall shopping list?

If you haven’t downloaded Shopkick yet, make sure to change that ASAP before you set out on your fall shopping journey! Earn kicks in stores and online with all of the retailers we mentioned above as well as many more. Then cash in your kicks for free gift cards! Fall shopping has never felt so budget friendly.