Three Ways Shopkick Can Replace Walmart Savings Catcher

As I have gotten older, I have started to appreciate any time I get to spend with my girlfriends so much more. Some of us live in the city while others have opted for the suburbs. To add even more layers to our group, we’re all experiencing different life stages too. Though we may be different, our conversations always flow easily from our careers and our passions to our families and even ways we’ve found to save money.

During one of our most recent nights in, we ended up diving into where we shop and which stores we favor most for different items. Of course, Walmart was a fan favorite! As a result, it was inevitable for us to share our views on Walmart’s recently announced decision to stop supporting their Savings Catcher program.

Like so many others, a few of my friends have saved hundreds by submitting their receipts to Walmart who then reimburses them if they found products offered at lesser prices. Some have used their savings from Savings Catcher to pay for vacations, others have rolled their money forward to pay for future shopping trips, and a few have opted to save up their savings in order to purchase holiday presents. Naturally, the closure of the program is an upsetting one!

Outside of using Savings Catcher, I’ve also found Shopkick is a great way to save even more. While I won’t be able to continue to use Savings Catcher, I can still continue to use Shopkick. So, I shared three ways my friends can join me and start using my go-to shopping app, and I thought I would share them with you too!

1. Earn Kicks Without Making Purchases:

The biggest bummer about Savings Catcher is you can only save when you discover a product you’re purchasing is offered less at another retailer. With Shopkick, you can earn kicks whether you’re making purchases or not. Open the app when you’re walking into stores and earn kicks simply because you went inside of a store. Scan products while you’re walking around (you can even scan at Walmart!) to continue to earn. Watch videos in the app, and discover new inspiration by viewing lookbooks at home. I think saving when you’re not spending is a total win, but of course you’ll earn gift cards much faster if you make purchases.

2. Shop Online & In-Store:

You can use Savings Catcher online and in Walmart’s stores, but those are the only places where the program works. With Shopkick, you can earn kicks at a complete variety of retailers both in-stores and online. Some stores offer opportunities to earn by walking in, scanning, and submitting your receipt, and others offer the chance to earn kicks when you purchase your items with a credit card that’s linked to your Shopkick app’s account. I would much rather be able to save while I shop at a variety of stores I visit all the time than just at one store and only if I can find the product cheaper elsewhere (which takes time too).

3. Redeem Kicks for Gift Cards:

My friends are most upset about losing one way they frequently turn to, to save money, but I reminded them they can create a similar experience through Shopkick. Each time they earn kicks, they count toward their grand total. Once you earn as few as 500 kicks, which I’ve done in a single day of errands, you can redeem your kicks for a gift card to retailers you frequent, like Starbucks, Target, Amazon, and even Walmart. Use your gift card to treat yourself, help pay for items for a vacation, or to pay for gifts during the holidays (aka: all of the things you were doing through Savings Catcher, but now you can earn kicks through many avenues!).

My friends joined Shopkick during our girls’ night, which was the first time I ever witnessed so many friends joining an app at the same time. Savings Catcher users, join us and continue to save while also earning gift cards with Shopkick!

Make sure to download Shopkick for free, and join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more shopping inspiration!

P.S.: Even MSN recommends Shopkick as a replacement for Savings Catcher!

How to Earn Money for Future Shopping Trips

Whether you’re working to keep your budget in check for all of your daily to-dos, dreaming of taking an upcoming trip, or stashing away extra cash to create more margin for fun in 2019, we’re here to help. Did you know you can earn money for future shopping trips whether you’re in stores or relaxing at home? It’s groundbreaking, if we do say so ourselves, and so easy you will wonder why you haven’t hopped on the earning train before now!

There are many apps and programs that allow you to earn money. Some apps reward you for meeting your daily, weekly, and monthly fitness goals, others ask you to complete surveys in order to earn cash or points, and additional apps encourage you to clip coupons to save for your next shopping trip. But, we have three even better ways for you to earn money for your future shopping trips, and you’re likely already doing them! Take a look at our three tips below.

Explore Online Content:

Do you start or end your day by reading blogs, finding inspiration, or catching up on the news? We do too! We always experience a thrill when we read the latest post from a favorite blogger or discover a new-to-us recipe to put into our weeknight lunch or dinner rotation. Exploring content online is a complete experience, and it’s one we most often participate in during times when we’re relaxing (think: over coffee in the morning or in between commercials in the evening). Did you know you can earn money for future shopping trips by exploring content?

We tend to browse on our phones because it’s quick and easy, and one of the new concepts we’re seeing and enjoying are virtual inspiration books! They’re are exactly what they sound like – short and content-filled books complete with slides from brands we know and brands we’re happy to discover. We’ve found these books contain inspiration for hair, makeup, fashion, home décor, and even recipes. If you’re thinking inspiration books are just like the slideshows you see online you’re correct, but these have a twist. They allow you to earn money for future shopping trips because you’re viewing them through our app!

Watch Videos:

One of our other go-to ways to explore new content is by watching videos. They’re always a great way to catch up on the news, see what’s gone viral, and discover new content. And, we’re so excited they represent a way to save and earn even more for future shopping trips!

Rather than watching videos on YouTube, open your Shopkick app instead. Once the app is open, start exploring the Discover page of the app. There you will find a host of videos to watch from known brands. Expect to find inspiration for recipes, drinks you have to try, just introduced workout gear, sneak peeks of upcoming magazines, and much more. Every video is short, sweet, and to the point, plus you will be earning kicks that add up quickly for you to trade in for gift cards to the stores where you already enjoy shopping.

Why find yourself down a YouTube video rabbit hole when you can be earning kicks through Shopkick?  

Discover New Products In Stores:

Online shopping is quick and easy, but we don’t think it will ever replace the experience of shopping in stores. To us, wandering down the aisles is fun and relaxing, and it’s an activity that always results in a host of new inspiration. You can take even a simple “window shopping” night out to new heights by earning money for future shopping trips!

The products supported by the Shopkick app are available in a number of stores where you probably already go on a weekly (or daily!) basis. Plan a night to wander through the aisles of Target (a favorite pastime for many!), and scroll through the app to see which product barcodes you can scan to earn kicks, or reward points, while your browse. Not only can you scan products, but you can also purchase them, take a picture of your receipt, and submit it in the Shopkick app to earn even more kicks. A stroll through the grocery, beauty, or home aisles can result in hundreds of kicks you can redeem for gift cards to your favorite stores, like Target, Amazon, Starbucks, Disney, AMC Theaters, and many more.

Whether we’re reading articles or watching videos, we’re all constantly consuming online content. Not to mention, we all run errands to browse and shop on a weekly basis. Rather than simply viewing content or walking through the grocery store, why not turn to Shopkick to earn kicks and gift cards for future shopping trips? Think about saving gift cards for future vacations, gifting them to friends and family for their birthdays, or treating yourself for something you will enjoy! It’s as though your purchases are on us.  

Don’t forget to download Shopkick for free, and join a community of loyal Shopkickers who have already discovered the rewards of shopping with us.

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Shop and Save for the Holidays: Blue Weekend is Here!

One of our favorite weekends is back once again, and it’s back just in time for the holidays! It’s Blue Weekend! This celebratory shopping event will unite Shopkickers from around the country together to check off even more of the gifts on your list. Whether you’re shopping for parents, partners, kids, or friends, December 14-16 is the time to shop, save, and earn kicks!

To help you earn the most kicks possible and to make sure you’re well on your way to redeeming your kicks for gift cards before Christmas, we thought we would highlight a few of the best places to shop during Blue Weekend for décor, style, athletic, tech, and kids’ finds. Let’s dive in!

Décor Finds:

Gifting décor is one of the easiest ways to bring joy to parents, friends, and hostesses this holiday season! Consider popping HomeGoods in order to discover some of the most unique pieces at some of the lowest prices. Items like pillows, throws, and mugs always add to the festive cheer, and they definitely have a holiday theme. Just make sure to note, the kicks for HomeGoods are only available in select states!

Yankee Candle also offers plenty of wonderfully scented candles, and you can also personalize them. It’s the ultimate holiday gift!

Both stores are wonderful places to shop for White Elephant or Secret Santa gifts – give something they will love rather than a gag! Just by walking in to select HomeGoods or Yankee Candle, you will earn kicks, and there are more available when you submit your receipt at Yankee Candle!

Style Finds:

We’re certain you have plenty of fashion fans on your holiday gifting list, and TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ulta Beauty are three of our go-to spots!

TJ Maxx and Marshalls are both filled with name brand pieces at incredible prices, and it’s never a surprise to find a host of designer items in either store (or both!). Is there a better feeling than gifting your family and friends the designers they love? It feels like the ultimate surprise! Expect to earn kicks simply by walking inside either or both stores!

If you have a haircare, skincare, or makeup fan amongst your family and friends, Ulta is the store to visit! Their team of experts will be able to effortlessly guide you toward products to pamper your loved ones, and many of them may be from brands you haven’t thought of yet. Be prepared to find name brand and designer finds, fragrances, and more that will look amazing wrapped under your tree or tucked inside of a stocking. Make sure to link your credit card before you make your purchase in order to earn kicks!

Athletic Finds:

Many of us are starting to experience winter’s coldest temperatures, but that doesn’t mean we all still don’t want to work toward our fitness goals! If your friends or family thrive when they’re able to work-out or if they’re setting new fitness goals for 2019, help to hold them accountable by gifting them everything they will need from some of the top brands.

Shop at Reebok for traditional and on-trend sneakers, socks, and workout gear. Plus, they have specific finds for sports! Shoe Carnival has a plethora of top shoe brands, particularly if you’re shopping for sneakers. Modell’s Sporting Goods has plenty of workout gear and gifts for sports fans (you need to be ready to cheer for your teams post-workout!). Just note, the kicks for Modell’s are only available in select states! The ladies on your list will love Fabletics budget friendly finds because all of their workout gear is on-trend, plus the company was started by Kate Hudson. Does it get any better? In order to maximize your cool down, stop into Jockey for the best loungewear your recipients will love to wear (and, don’t be surprised if you walk away with a few new finds for yourself too!).

All of these brands are offering kicks by walking inside the stores, which totally counts as exercise!

Tech Finds:

The holidays are the time for new tech, and Best Buy is the place to go! Step inside one of their many stores, and think about upgrading your phone. You can also prep for awards season and the Super Bowl by purchasing a new TV, and you should stock up on movies and seasons of favorite shows too. Don’t forget to peruse their selection of cameras, computers, and printers. Make this the best tech year yet! Don’t forget to link your credit card before you make your purchase.

Kids’ Finds:

We don’t know about you, but we always become the most excited to shop for all of the kids on our lists! Carter’s and OshKosh B’gosh are two of the first places we visit every time. They have adorable clothes for babies and toddlers, plus they also have clothing for older kids too. Find pajamas, tops, pants, and shoes in palettes they will love! Both brands are offering kicks to Shopkickers who walk inside, plus you can earn even more when you shop with a linked card.

If you’re searching for a new toy set for a boy or girl, LEGO® should be on your list! Walmart and Target sell many of their building sets, and we speak from experience when we say they provide hours of imaginative, building fun. Kids are able to explore other worlds while they piece together their sets, whether that means escaping to soar with a favorite character or pretending to be an entrepreneur. The options are nearly endless, and the kids on your list will have plenty of indoor fun ahead of them during the holiday season and well beyond!

Where will you be shopping during Blue Weekend? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! Make sure to join our social media fun too because you will discover a whole community of passionate Shopkickers just like you.

Race Prep: Get Ready for Black Friday in 5 Steps

For years, Thanksgiving has nabbed my number one spot for Favorite Holiday. From baking pies with my best friend the night before to gathering together with my family for dinner on Thanksgiving, I love everything about it! With that said, there’s always one moment I enjoy most: Black Friday prep during Thanksgiving morning. This is like my Super Bowl.

Just like a runner training for a race, Black Friday is all about the prep! In order for you to not only survive but thrive during the biggest shopping weekend of the year, I thought I would share my five best tips with you. Consider this a peek inside my own personal Black Friday Shopkick game plan!

1. Gather:

Before you set out on your Black Friday race, put together a list of all of your gift ideas for your friends and family. Throughout the year, I tend to keep a running list of ideas in my phone. Just before Black Friday, I’ll explore my ideas, pull out the ones I think will work best, and create a holiday gift guide in my phone to refer back to as I jump from store-to-store. I find this list is a great way to feel organized and focused rather than waiting for inspiration to strike.

2. Plan:

Every year on Thanksgiving morning, I turn on the annual parades and peruse all of the Black Friday ads. I cannot be the only one who gets a serious adrenaline rush when I spot items on my list that are going to be on sale! Once I’ve viewed all of the ads and pulled my favorites, I create a route. This piece is key. Knowing which stores I will visit (and which ones will be offering big kicks when I use Shopkick!) helps me plan my route ahead of time rather than making rash decisions while I’m driving in the dark. I tend to visit my furthest point first and then shop my way closer to home. Pro Tip: Review how to earn kicks on Shopkick if you’re feeling a little rusty, visit the Explore page for tons of inspiration, and make sure you’re signed up for emails from Shopkick to be among the first to know when new deals drop!

3. Fuel:

Your list is prepped and ready, but are you? If you’re planning to be the first to nab a great deal, this is the time to bring out the camping year. Find your beach chair, grab a sleeping bag, and don’t forget a lantern, charger, and snacks! If you’re going to be waiting outside for your number one store to open, make sure you have all of the fuel you will need. This is the time to let your inner Boy or Girl Scout shine. Those scouting badges are about to be worth their weight in gold.

4. Pace:

Just like a race, Black Friday is a marathon not a sprint. My family and I tend to enjoy an earlier dinner together, which means I can visit my first store (or stores!) on Thanksgiving night (I can’t say I’ve ever camped before a store opening, but I definitely do know how to prep for one – see above!). I love crossing a few gifts off of my list just before Black Friday’s official start because it means I can stop for breakfast in the morning before the rest of my shopping commences. Also, I never panic if I can’t find an item or a size is sold out. Cyber Monday is (literally!) on the horizon, and I know I won’t miss out on the deal.  

5. Medal:

Once your car is filled with merriment and you have earned hundreds of kicks while using Shopkick in stores (and online!), it’s safe to say you will have earned your Black Friday medal. Seriously, you’re about to be on your way to having Expert Shopper Status, and that deserves a reward. Cash in your kicks for a gift card to your favorite store, and make sure to treat yourself. You did it!

Let’s crush Black Friday, Shopkickers! It’s time to get on the race course.

Earn Head to Toe Kicks at The Body Shop, Forever 21, and Footlocker

Does anyone else feel as though the holidays are arriving early this year? It may only be the beginning of November, but I’ve felt as though I’ve been prepping since just before Halloween. My first gifts have already been purchased, I’m constantly adding new gift ideas for friends and family to my list, and I’m searching for holiday outfits for December (and beyond!).

Today’s retailers are the perfect place to go for holiday gifts, outfits, and January’s fitness prep! Get ready to love finds from The Body Shop, Forever 21, and Footlocker. All three stores have pieces for everyone on your list, including you, and you can earn kicks when you shop with Shopkick.

The Body Shop:

If there’s one thing that feels like a necessary luxury to me, it’s bath products. Between mornings spent running and days spent working (plus, every activity in between!), purchasing wonderful lotions, body washes, skincare products, and makeup always feels like a necessary indulgence. Using any combination of these products from The Body Shop always feels like such a treat!

The Body Shop’s body butters are some of my favorites, especially during the cold, long, and very dry winter months when my skin can’t seem to soak up enough moisture, because they provide the best kind of relief. Did I mention they have amazing scents? Anything that smells like citrus wins in my book! Their body washes are cleansing and hydrating. Facemasks are fun to do on the weekends, especially if you invite your girlfriends over for a spa night paired with movies or Netflix. And, The Body Shop’s makeup line is wonderful if you’re looking to pick up any new shades for the holidays (hello, red lipstick!).

Bath products make some of the best gifts whether you’re stuffing a stocking, treating your mom, aunt, or sister, or introducing your best friend to a new must-have. Make sure to shop all of the products at The Body Shop with Shopkick so you can earn kicks!

Forever 21:

No matter the season, I always enjoy shopping at Forever 21. I have found some of my most unique pieces thanks to them! Plus, Forever 21 has an excellent selection of dresses, skirts, and blouses for every party from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve. Because their finds are always budget friendly, I never question picking up a selection of new pieces so I can easily mix and match for events and every day.

Not only do they have a great selection of clothing, but they also have a fantastic selection of accessories. Expect to find flats, heels, boots, and even sandals at the same incredible prices you’re used to paying for clothing. Plus, you can also stock up on statement jewelry. Forever 21 also launched their Holiday Guide, which has recommendations for all of the ladies on your list.

Forever 21 makes shopping so easy, and their great prices and fun finds make trying new trends even more enjoyable. Shopping at Forever 21 is now even better and more budget friendly because you can shop through Shopkick and earn kicks!  

Foot Locker:

My favorite way to start any morning is by running. Excellent shoes are key for running, which is why one of my go-to brands is Asics. Their sneakers provide an excellent level of support, and they’re designed with runners in mind. Foot Locker is a great place to purchase Asics! Not to mention, they also carry a host of other brands, like Adidas, New Balance, Nike, Ugg, and Vans, for virtually any other shoe need you have.

Not only are sneakers key, but I find I feel more prepared for any workout when I’m wearing clothing that makes me feel confident. Foot Locker carries athleisure too! They have everything from leggings and shorts to tees and dresses for any type of workout. The best part about wearing great athleisure outfits is you can transition from your workout into running errands without ever having to change. Anything that saves time is helpful!  

The best goals don’t begin on January 1. Instead, the best way to reach your goals is by starting as soon as possible. So, stock up on sneakers and athleisure from Footlocker now to start (or continue!) your fitness journey. You’ve got this, Shopkicker!

Whether you’re stocking up on the best bath and body products from The Body Shop, filling your holiday wardrobe at Forever 21, or getting a head start on your new fitness attire at Footlocker, now is the time to shop with these great brands with Shopkick.  

The Best in Home Décor with Big Lots, Casper, Houzz, and Pier 1

When you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, “interior designer” has to be one of the most unlikely answers. And, yet, that was the answer I gave for over half of my life.  Although my career aspirations did change (hello, writing!), my love for home décor has never wavered. With that in mind, I thought I would introduce you to a few of my favorite home décor brands. Big Lots, Casper, Houzz, and Pier1 are about to become four of your best home décor resources. Get ready to earn kicks and save, Shopkickers!

Big Lots:

Big Lots is one of the best one stop shops for all things home. They have a vast selection of furniture, including outdoor pieces, plus they also have an incredible selection of bedding and linens, all things bath, appliances, and even seasonal décor. With all of this in mind, one of my favorite sections to peruse on Big Lots is area rugs.

Although most stores have area rugs in store, I find they never have a ton on the floor. As a result, I always end up shopping online with Big Lots. Area rugs are one of the best ways to add color and texture to a space, and my best tip is to decide on the size rug you would like to purchase for your space before you start shopping. Once you’re on the Big Lots site, filter your search so you’re only shown options that match your criteria. I’m certain you will find an area rug you love!


Everyone who purchases a Casper mattress is always amazed by five things:

  1. You can purchase your Casper mattress online! You can compare and contrast the features of their three mattress options – The Wave, The Casper, and The Essential – in order to find the mattress you feel will suit you best before you order.
  2. Casper mattresses are reasonably priced! In the past, a mattress has always felt like such an investment. However, Casper’s price points make mattress shopping completely affordable. Prices start at $350 and go up to $1,250 for a five-layer mattress, Casper’s Wave.
  3. Your new Casper mattress will ship to you in a box! Watching your Casper mattress come to life before your eyes is such a fun sight to see.
  4. Casper mattress are comfortable! I have yet to hear anyone say they don’t love the comfort of the three options from which you can choose.
  5. You can experience a Casper trial period! Casper’s motto is try your new mattress for 100 days. If you don’t like it, they will pick it up and offer a refund. If it’s not for you, that’s okay (but, I highly doubt you will be returning it!).


When you’re choosing your pieces for your home, I think it has to be done with visuals. Houzz not only has plenty of products you can shop on their site for any room in your home, but they also offer features where you can shop all of the products in sample rooms they have designed. There’s nothing like seeing products in action, specifically seeing how they pair with other pieces in terms of size.

Asking for recommendations is great, but what if you could find recommendations that are vetted from home design pros? That’s another great feature of the Houzz site! You can not only shop products, but you can find professionals who can install them in your house. Do you really want to be the one to install your new sink? Unless you’re Chip Gaines, I think not.

Pier 1:

If I’m honest, half of the furniture in my house is from Pier 1. No matter if I’m purchasing a desk, a sofa, or a new dining set for my kitchen, the quality, design, and comfort are always on point. And, if I ever have questions, their customer service is top notch!

Not only can you purchase furniture on their site, but they also have some of the most unique pieces of décor, especially for the holidays. They have plenty of Christmas decorations, including trees and ornaments, and they also have a fantastic selection of plates, glasses, and silverware that are as functional as they are luxurious and fun for holiday parties.

Did I mention you can search “Joanna Gaines” in their search bar, and the Queen of Magnolia’s line loads right away? You can and you will want to add it all to your cart.

Happy shopping for your home, Shopkickers! Let us know what you purchase in the comments, and make sure to join our community of Shopkickers on Facebook and Instagram.

How to Travel, Save, and Earn Kicks with Hotwire

What destinations are on your travel bucket list? If you were to ask us that question, we could easily (and quickly!) name multiple destinations in the United States, Caribbean, and beyond.

There are so many cultures, sights, and cuisines we would love to experience, and we have found traveling is one of the best ways to do all three. Plus, we always feel relaxed and reinvigorated after an adventure to a new place whether it’s an hours long plane ride or a quick drive away.

The decision to travel is never a difficult one to make, but how to find the best rates, when to go, where to stay, and what to see always gives us pause. It’s easy to spend hours upon hours researching your destination, and sometimes that research takes away from the fun. But, we think we’ve uncovered one of the best kept travel secrets: Hotwire!

We once thought Hotwire was simply a site to price compare hotels and flights, but we’ve uncovered there is so much more to the site and brand that makes traveling seem that much more attainable. From saving you time to saving you money, we’re sharing our three favorite Hotwire features below. Get ready to earn kicks with Shopkick while planning your next trip!


Having an open mind while traveling always serves us well, and the same philosophy will serve you well while planning your vacation with Hotwire through Shopkick. One of the mysteries of traveling are the questions you’re always anxious to answer: When are flights the most reasonable? When are the best rates available at hotels? What is there to see, do, and eat? What about the weather; when is it the best? By opting to use Hotwire’s TripStarter feature, all of your questions will be answered quickly, easily, clearly, and on one website.

When you visit the TripStarter page, enter in your starting airport followed by your destination. Once you enter both pieces of information and search, TripStarter will begin loading information for you. You will be provided with a chart that details the cost trends for hotels, and when you click the tab at the top you will also be able to see cost trends for flights. Temperature details are always available, as well as the average weather patterns (i.e.: average rainfall). When to save, where to stay, and preferred activities to experience are also listed in a sidebar. You can even see the best deals for the next 30 days! Once you decide on your destination with help from Hotwire’s TripStarter feature, you can continue booking from the same screen.

The best way to keep traveling fun is by limiting how much you need to research, and Hotwire’s TripStarter feature makes sure you’re on your way to enjoying your trip without any hassle!

Hot Rates:

Wherever your travels take you, choosing where to stay can feel like one of the most arduous decisions to make. There are seemingly endless reviews available online, plenty of areas to explore, and multiple places to check for rates. However, Hotwire answers all of these questions (and more!) with their Hot Rates feature!

To use the feature, simply enter your travel dates, destination, and number of guests staying in the room. Once you submit your query, Hotwire immediately loads a number of results at the top of your search that are marked as Hot Rates. The Hot Rates indication means the hotel is discounted by up to 60%. You are still able to see how many reviews the hotel has received from other customers (Hotwire shows reviews from trusted source, TripAdvisor), and you can also see where the hotel is located to make sure it’s in line with the areas in which you hope to explore.

Part of the reason Hotwire can offer the rates at such a discount is because they don’t reveal the name of the hotel until after you book. However, if you click on the listing, there is a feature where Hotwire will reveal that your potential hotel is one of four options. At this point, the names of the hotels are featured for you to click on and explore, and they are always four star hotels!

If you’re willing to be slightly adventurous, Hotwire’s Hot Rates feature is a fantastic way to save without losing an ounce of luxury while traveling! Don’t forget to book through Shopkick’s app in order to earn kicks and gift cards for your trip.

Same Day Arrival:

When was the last time you booked a spontaneous getaway? They’re fun because they feel like an unexpected adventure! In order to keep your spirits high as you embark on your surprise, we highly recommend Hotwire.

The myth about booking a getaway, particularly a hotel, at the last minute is you won’t be able to save any money. However, Hotwire teams up with some of the most desirable hotels in any given city to offer you the best rates. Whether they’re one of the most popular hotels or it’s simply an off time to travel, many hotels and resorts frequently don’t sell all of their rooms for a given night. In order to continue to sell, these same resorts sell their rooms through Hotwire at a discount!

We recommend exploring Same Day Arrival rates on Hotwire through Shopkick. Enter your travel dates, destination, and guest count on Hotwire’s homepage. Then see what rates result in your search. You can also pair your Same Day Arrival rate search with Hotwire’s Hot Rates feature to save even more. Plus, you will earn kicks when you book!

Hotwire, Shopkick, travel, and savings has to be one of the best combinations! We cannot wait to hear about the kicks you earn and which gift card you choose to redeem to use on your next adventure. Where will your travels take you?

How to Celebrate Halloween in Three Easy Steps

What is your favorite Halloween memory? Whether it was a character, animal, dream career, or favorite food, I loved choosing my costume every year. I loved dressing up, marching in school parades, and going trick-or-treating every year. Because I have such fun memories, Halloween is still one of my favorite holidays. I always add a new décor piece or two to my collection, I never miss the chance to go on a haunted hayride, and I love throwing Halloween parties for friends.

The idea of prepping for a holiday is especially enjoyable, so I thought I would share how you can prep and save for Halloween with Shopkick in three simple steps.

Add Décor:

Carving, or at least purchasing, pumpkins in honor of Halloween is always a given! Rather than creating a freehand design, I keep a kit on hand filled with templates to make carving fun and easy. I originally purchased my kit from Walmart, and I know they still stock them. Even if this is the only festive piece of décor you have, you and your home will certainly be in the Halloween spirit.

If you want to take your décor up a notch, consider purchasing dish towels and a new candy bowl for your neighborhood’s trick-or-treaters from Then swing by your local T.J.Maxx and Marshall’s to pick up a few new decorative items, like pieces for your mantle, doorstep, kitchen, or even your kids’ rooms. Another great tip is to purchase a new fall scented candle from Yankee Candle. Not only will the scents feel festive for Halloween, but you can continue to light your candle throughout the season.

Make sure your Shopkick app is open while you shop for your décor with all of the retailers I mentioned because you will earn kicks with every purchase!

Purchase a Costume:

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for your kids, costume shopping is always one of the most fun aspects of Halloween! Now, shopping has become much easier because so many retailers offer costumes online, plus you can earn kicks on your costume purchases when you shop with Shopkick. has quite a selection every year, and you can easily purchase a few costumes in different sizes so you, your partner, and your kids can try every piece on at home. If your kids love playing dress up, think about ordering their costume one size larger, so they can continue enjoying it for months to come!

If you’re looking for other options for yourself or simply hoping to find accessories,, Marshall’s, and T.J.Maxx always offer budget friendly finds to add to your outfit. also has great fashion finds, and Ulta is the perfect place for Halloween ready makeup and hair supplies.

Entertain with Ease:

When you’re throwing a party, the best thing to do is purchase everything in bulk. I love ordering from with Shopkick because I’m able to earn kicks while ordering everything from beverages and snacks to household essentials and candy (of course!). Rather than pulling out any of your dinnerware, use paper and plastic. Your guests are attending your party because they want to spend time with you and each other, and I guarantee they will agree with the ease of your party.

For an added dose of fun, book a visit to a haunted house or a ride on a haunted hayride on Groupon through Shopkick! Tickets are typically less expensive when you purchase them through Groupon, and you will earn kicks towards free gift cards. Regardless of the price, haunted houses and hayrides are always worth it. There’s just something about a fun spook that enriches relationships and makes everyone laugh!

Whether your Halloween plans are simple or elaborate, I know you will have even more fun this season because you’re earning kicks and saving thanks to Shopkick. Enjoy making your memories!

5 Benefits of Shopping with QVC

I have to be honest, I’m a self-admitted shopaholic. I can’t resist the urge to freshen up my wardrobe, makeup, and home décor every time beautiful autumn rolls around. Maybe it’s because I love the feeling of entering each new year as a better version of myself, and I feel I can put my best foot forward with a transformation in my style. One of my favorite places to shop with Shopkick as I add to my style each year is likely a brand you’ve heard of before: QVC.

QVC does the famous live streaming on TV where you could always find your mother and grandmother shopping using their remote and telephones. But, one thing most people don’t know is they have started to cater to younger generations too, and they are simply AMAZING. I love shopping on QVC, preferably through their online e-commerce website, because they make it incredibly easy to shop and pay. Here are 5 benefits and reasons why I will always shop on QVC:

Live Stream – Product Demos

QVC has a wonderful marketing strategy of providing live streams of all product demos that they continuously update on their website and YouTube. They also show their live streams on television. You can see your products being displayed in real time, like the host twirling in the perfect cashmere sweater or a model getting airbrushed with the right foundation shade. It’s a great way to see the products in action!


QVC offers all types of products, and they deliver the best selection in all things home, fashion, beauty, tech and more! Inventory is added daily, so you can always find exactly what you are looking for and even some things you didn’t realize you were looking for!

Quality and Top Designer Brands

With brands such as Vince Camuto, Josie Martin, and Dooney & Bourke, it’s no wonder QVC is known for selling quality, designer products. Whether I am shopping for a new purse, shoes, or even a vacuum, I know I’m getting the best quality there is! That’s what they stand for: Quality, Value, Convenience.

Flex Pay

QVC offers an easy-to-pay option that breaks up your payments into smaller but more frequent payments if the original sum is too much for you! Instead of paying around $1,000 for an already great deal on a new Apple MacBook Air, I can space out 6 payments of $168. This takes the stress out of purchasing and allows me to get what I need, when I need it!

Daily Deals

QVC runs promotions for a handful of products every day that they call “Today’s Special Value.” I always check for these special deals because they usually have wonderful products at incredibly affordable prices like insulated totes, new Amazon tablets, and cozy home décor.

Since 1986, QVC has provided the most trusted source of brand name fashion, home, and beauty products to millions of shoppers worldwide. The best part of QVC is their approach to home shopping that offers true-to-word Quality, Value, and Convenience. Whether you are looking for a durable and colorful kitchen pan set, the perfect cashmere cardigan for fall, or a flawless foundation shade, QVC will show you the brand names and products you can trust and will treasure for years to come. Now you can earn kicks for every $1 spent when you purchase through QVC using your Shopkick app.

Happy Shopkicking!

How to buy Christmas gifts with no money

The first Christmas after my husband and I got married was tough! We had just finished paying for a wedding and closing on a house, so you can imagine how little money we had to spend on Christmas gifts. We spent Christmas day wrapped in blankets, trying to stay warm, gazing at the saddest Christmas tree ever. Thankfully, we both agreed to not spend money (that we didn’t have) on Christmas gifts. Instead, we decided to save and work on building our finances. Looking back, if that were us now, we’d have a few more resources at our disposal.

In fact, thanks to having gone through that year, I’ve figured out how to buy Christmas gifts with no money, or at least with no extra money outside of my normal budget. I know this sounds crazy, but don’t worry I’m here today to share my tips and tricks on how to buy Christmas gifts with no money with you.

How to Buy Christmas Gifts With No Money with Retail Auditing Apps

learn how to buy Christmas gifts with no moneyThe first method I recommend when it comes to figuring out how to buy Christmas gift with no money is to do a little bit of extra work each time you go out shopping by taking advantage of retail auditing apps. Basically, there are apps that pay you money to do simple tasks like checking to see if a road is closed or going out to snap a quick photo of the front of a cool new restaurant. If you do enough of them, the money really adds up!

The exact details of how each one works are slightly different. For the most part, though, users get paid to go to stores like Target and Walmart to take photos of displays for brands. In exchange, users can make a few quick bucks for each task they complete. Put in enough work, and you’ll be able to get Christmas gifts this year without stepping outside your usual budget!

How to Buy Christmas Gift With No Money with Survey Apps

The next method for how to buy Christmas gifts with no money on our list is probably one you’ve heard of before: survey apps. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways there is to make a little bit of extra money with an app, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Basically, with these you get paid to take surveys.

There are many different kinds of survey apps, but they’re all essentially the same. These apps send you a survey once a week (sometimes more, sometimes less) asking for your opinion on a wide range of questions, anything from where you shop to what you watch on TV or where you like to eat—any information in which marketing companies might be interested. Users get paid usually anywhere from 25 cents to $1.00 per survey. While that may not seem like a lot, those coins add up and soon you’ll be on your way to buying Christmas gifts without stepping outside of your budget!

How to Buy Christmas Gift With No Money with Shopping Rewards Apps

Those other ways are great, but they both involve going out of your way and putting in a lot of time. If you’re searching for the easiest way to buy Christmas gifts with no money, try a shopping rewards app. Take the shopping rewards app, Shopkick, for example. How it works is by incentivizing things you do while you’re shopping already, things like walking into stores, going down aisles browsing products, and making purchases. I just love it because let’s face it, no matter how little money you have, you still need to shop for groceries. With Shopkick, you can shop while also earning some extra money.

If you’re searching for the easiest way to buy Christmas gifts with no money, try a shopping rewards app.

Not only that, but there are tons of ways Shopkickers can earn rewards right from the app—no need to go anywhere. These include kicks for watching videos and instant surprise kicks from going on Easter egg hunts in the app. Users can also get amazing deals where you can earn big points and rewards by shopping on your phone at stores like Amazon, Walmart, and more! Earn enough points, and you’ll be able to have yourself a very merry Christmas.

Back in the day, my husband and I didn’t have smartphones. So, of course, we didn’t have apps, but these days we’re able to find all kinds of extra room in our budget by taking advantage of apps like Shopkick. If you’re trying to figure out how to buy Christmas gifts with no money, Shopkick is a great solution.

There’s no shame in needing a little help with your budget, especially around the holidays. With Shopkick, you barely even have to go out of your way to get it. Just do your regular shopping and enjoy your savings!

Don’t let your budget get you down this year—especially not now that you know how to buy Christmas gifts with no money. Download Shopkick’s free app today and join a community of loyal Shopkickers who’ve already discovered the rewards of shopping with a free, smartphone app sidekick.

And, if you love social media as much as you love shopping, join Shopkick on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a little daily shopping inspiration.

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