User-Friendly Apps That Pay You for Scanning Barcodes

I have a bit of a reputation amongst my friends. Nothing scandalous, mind you. My reputation is for being a bargain hunter. I’m always in the know about unadvertised sales—and when you should buy that little extra that feels a bit overpriced. Recently, after a particularly grueling spin class, my friend Lisa came to me […]Read more

How to Earn Target Gift Cards Using a Free App

They know me at my Target. I can be found roaming the aisles every Sunday afternoon while my husband hangs out with the kids and helps them finish up their homework for the week ahead. I usually start every trip with a treat to enjoy while I browse the Target app for deals: an iced […]Read more

How to Ditch Multiple Rewards Program Cards for an Easy to Use App

My kids were in that mood. You know, the one where if causing trouble was an Olympic sport, they’d be setting all time records. We were at the grocery store and they were careening down the aisles, knocking cereal off shelves in their wake—and sneaking giant bags of M&Ms into the cart when I wasn’t […]Read more

Free Apps That Pay You to Grocery Shop

My group of mama friends and I recently got together for a rare girls’ night and a glass of wine. The hors d’oeuvres had been served, the glasses filled, and we were getting down to serious business—chatting about our families. A friend with teenage sons happened to mention her astronomical grocery bill, inducing a round […]Read more

SeatGeek Rewards with Shopkick

Nothing is better than grabbing a seat to your favorite concert or sports game at a great rate! As we all know, knowing you paid less than the people right next to you adds that little something extra to the experience. It’s just a fact. Enter SeatGeek: an easy to use ticketing hub helping the […]Read more

How to get a free gift card on every trip to Best Buy!

With the stream of exciting opportunities we’ve announced over the last week, it’s hard to believe we still have more to tell you, BUT WE DO! Starting today you will have over 250 scans available every week at Best Buy! Yes, you read that correctly: Two. HUNDRED. and Fifty. Scans! For those Shopkick users who […]Read more

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