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How to Homeschool Your Kids: Tips from a Teacher

In an effort to continue to share content that can make an impact in your lives, we have been sharing tips for keeping kids busy at home. Combined with your requests and requests from our own families and friends, today we thought we would tackle a new topic with help from an incredible educator: homeschooling! […]Read more

5 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Almost all of us may have been asked to stay at home, and we’ve shared ideas for indoor activities to do with kids, like crafting and cooking, but that doesn’t mean that time spent exploring the outdoors is suddenly off limits. In fact, now more than ever, outdoor fun feels refreshing and even more necessary […]Read more

5 Easy Cooking Ideas for Kids

If you’re in the middle of spending more time at home, your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry are likely fuller than they’ve been in weeks. Rather than focusing on the “why” behind the increase of food to enjoy at home, think of this as an opportunity to explore the kitchen with your kids. From meals to […]Read more

5 Easy At-Home Craft Ideas for Kids

If you’re like us, you’re suddenly spending a lot more time at home. And, you’ve likely had more than one moment in which you (or your kids) asked what to do next. So, we thought we would launch a new series of five easy things you and your kids can do together. From crafting to […]Read more

The 5 best shopping apps to save money on groceries

The 5 best shopping apps to save money on groceries I’ll never forget the day I discovered that I could save money on groceries by using an app. At the time, I was completely annoyed with spending so much money on groceries but it wasn’t like I could just stop buying them—trust me, my kids […]Read more

How to save money on groceries without coupons

My friend Lisa has always had a deep appreciation for all things retro. She loves to go shopping at thrift stores for retro clothes—from 1950s dresses to leg warmers from the ‘80s. She has beautiful retro magazine covers framed and hanging all over her house. In fact, she even saves money on her groceries in […]Read more

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