Webinar: eBay, Button & Shopkick on the power of mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is skyrocketing. Shoppers are gravitating toward the rapidly growing channel through all stages of the journey, and are expecting relevant and personal experiences.

We’re teaming up with eBay and Button to share first party data to help retailers and brands identify where to focus their attention to reach today’s consumer. Join us for insights on mobile — today’s fastest growing channel, and a map for success in our omnichannel shopping environment.

Just some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • Mobile matters: why apps are leading the charge, where the industry is headed, and what actually converts among consumers on mobile
  • Real-time is key: tracking and reacting to shopper behavior across environments, stores and platforms is critical
  • The importance of partnerships in understanding and responding to today’s fragmented shopping experience
  • A case study on how eBay, Button and Shopkick uncovered a new audience and drove incremental mCommerce sales

When: March 8, 11am PT / 2pm ET

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Webinar on demand: Determining signals of purchase intent

In this webinar on demand, Moat VP of account management Callie Reynolds joins Shopkick regional VP Jenny Campbell to discuss how advertisers can protect themselves from invalid traffic and viewability issues to focus on the metrics that matter.

You can watch the webinar here.

It’s critical for marketers to be able to understand the actions that consumers take across their purchase journey that ultimately lead to conversion and sales. However determining these signals in digital and mobile marketplaces fraught with viewability challenges and ad fraud makes this task even more difficult.

Ad fraud is still a major concern for most advertisers, as the environment is complex and potential costs are considerable. Ad measurement firm Moat has found that about half of all digital ads aren’t considered viewable. And according to Forrester Research, US fraudulent or non-viewable ad costs totaled $7.4 billion last year, with that figure projected to rise to $10.9 billion by 2021.

This issue goes well beyond traditional display formats. With the explosive popularity of video ads, how can advertisers be sure that they are being seen (and heard) by the right people?

This webinar on demand with Shopkick and Moat examines the valid digital and mobile signals that lead to both online and offline purchases.

Watch to learn how to:

  • Navigate the fragmented advertising environment to avoid wasted spend on non-viewable or fraudulent ad buys
  • Understand the unique ad challenges impacting desktop, mobile web and mobile apps
  • Incorporate video best practices to capture consumer’s attention and achieve key brand metrics
  • Detect valid digital and mobile signals that lead to both online and offline purchases

Webinar: Challenger brand strategies for CPG success

As a challenger brand in the CPG space, how can you stand out among the corporate brand portfolios and increase awareness for your products? With a limited budget, and in the face of ever increasing options, it’s critical to carefully consider where your marketing dollars will go the farthest.

In this webinar on demand, Shopkick brand expert Michael Reda talks about how challenger brands can create efficient, measurable and meaningful results.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Increase brand awareness without eroding your profit margin by offering rewards
  • Reach new customers before they even enter the store
  • Gamify the shopping experience to keep customers coming back
  • Effectively track an omnichannel campaign for deeper consumer insights


Webinar: CPG’s new endless aisle

Until now, CPG brand marketing has largely been dictated by the physical structure of an in-store aisle. Now, as customers expect to locate products anywhere and buy them at any time, grocers and brand marketers need to step up to deliver what today’s shoppers want and what tomorrow’s shoppers will demand.

In this webinar on demand, Shopkick RVP William Gonzales talks about how CPG marketers can succeed with the new Endless Aisle. He covers how to deliver highly personalized, mobile-enabled, and frictionless shopping experiences.

You’ll hear:

  • Research on how today’s consumers shop, and how marketers can engage them along the entire path to purchase
  • A success story from Barilla’s Pronto Pasta
  • A look at future trends in anytime, anywhere commerce