83 Percent of Americans are Tightening Budgets Due to Threat of Continued Inflation

54 percent of consumers are very concerned about the risk of continued inflation; 86 percent report experiencing price increases on everyday goods As the U.S. economy picks back up, the Labor Department reported in April that inflation accelerated at its fastest pace since 2008. In turn, the Consumer Price Index rose 4.2 percent compared to […]

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Celebrate Scavenger Hunt Day with Shopkick |

Shopkick Announces Nationwide Scavenger Hunt, Rewarding Consumers with Millions of ‘Kicks’

Shopkick celebrates National Scavenger Hunt Day with a weeklong scavenger hunt for users to win hundreds of dollars in rewards In honor of National Scavenger Hunt Day, Shopkick announces the nationwide Shopkick Scavenger Hunt Week this May 24-28. All week long, Shopkick users will have multiple ways to win major ‘kicks’ (Shopkick’s reward currency) as they

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Highbush Blueberry

Highbush Blueberry Council partnered with Shopkick to drive brand awareness and incremental in-store sales Campaign Goals Highbush Blueberry Council was looking for an innovative way to build awareness and consideration of its product offerings amongst shoppers at home, drive excitement and product engagement in-store, and ultimately influence purchase conversion at grocers across the nation. Shopkick

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Move Over Millennials – When It Comes To Brand Loyalty It’s All About Gen Z

Gen Zers have been accused of many things: short attention spans, an inability to maintain eye contact, and an unhealthy relationship with their AirPods. But, according to a recent Bank of America study, the generation born between 1996 and 2016 is set to usher in a new wave of disruption across industries and economies. Not

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Georgia-Pacific partnered with Shopkick to drive awareness and sales during its new product launch Campaign Goals When Georgia-Pacific launched its Dixie Ultra® Deep Dish Plates, the brand partnered with Shopkick to build awareness and drive trial and consideration for the new, innovative product. Georgia-Pacific was looking to educate consumers on Dixie Ultra® Deep Dish Plates

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Bomb Pop

Bomb Pop partnered with Shopkick to reach new audiences, boost awareness, and drive sales around the 4th of July Campaign Goals Popular frozen treat brand, Bomb Pop, was looking to reach shoppers in a 4th of July shopping mindset and boost sales of its festive products around the busy summer holiday. Bomb Pop wanted to

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Tyson Foods partnered with Shopkick to drive product awareness and consideration in the lead up to the Super Bowl Campaign Goals Tyson Foods was looking to reach shoppers in a Super Bowl shopping mindset and drive sales of Tyson Chicken Wings & Bites at Sam’s Club stores. Pre-shop, they wanted to build awareness and consideration,

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Leading school lunch brand

Driving awareness and sales of back to school lunch staples during the back-to-school season Campaign Goals A popular peanut butter and jelly brand was looking to boost sales of its school lunch staples at national Walmart stores during the busy back-to-school season. Pre-shop, the company wanted to build brand awareness and consideration amongst an incremental audience,

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Leading supplement brand

Driving sales of B-12 and energy supplements Campaign Goals A leading vitamin and supplement brand was looking to boost sales of its B-12 and daily energy supplements at Walmart, and other national grocers and pharmacies across the nation. Pre-shop, the team wanted to educate consumers on the benefits of adding these vitamins into their daily routine, and build brand

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Dima Volovik

EVP of Product and Engineering

Dima Volovik is the EVP of Product and Engineering at Trax Retail — Shopkick.

Dima Volovik is the accomplished product and engineering leader who led teams to deliver innovative and commercially successful e-commerce products, marketplaces, and enterprise solutions for Amazon, Comcast, Fandango, and Universal Music. Before joining Trax, Dima was the Director at Amazon, where he led product development and Engineering for Amazon Appstore and Amazon Prime Video, CTO at Fandango, and Paciolan, head of technology at Golf Channel/Golf Now, and Global VP of Direct to Consumer Technology at Universal Music Group. Dima’s expertise includes developing consumer products, marketplaces, and enterprise solutions.

Dima grew up in Baku, Azerbaijan, where he received his MS in Electrical Engineering from Azerbaijan Oil Academy, and he currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with his family.